How Huge and Acquia Built a Better Multi-Brand Commerce Solution

Learn how Acquia and Huge partnered to build a cohesive multi-brand e-commerce strategy for a major home goods retailer.

How often have you found yourself browsing an online shop and adding items to your cart that you plan to “come back to later” only to completely forget about these products once you leave the web page to research another brand’s pricing or check your Facebook notifications? Too many multi-brand organizations create e-commerce experiences as siloed moments in time, jumping straight from presentation to purchase without understanding the emotional journey and overwhelming amount of decisions buyers face as they navigate through multiple touchpoints and digital checkout lanes. Large-scale corporations without a multi-brand, multichannel strategy are passing up cross-sell opportunities by creating purely transactional commerce experiences with no connection to their brand story or overall brand value. As businesses continue to grow, they need a way to showcase their distinct brand identities while still maintaining a unified vision of their content. 

The struggle to oversee a massive, multi-brand presence while retaining a unique content strategy for each brand brought one international consumer retailer to Huge and Acquia in search of a more seamless commerce solution. Huge, a global full-service digital experience agency, provides users with meaningful, contextual interactions with brands that put the user first. Huge has worked with clients such as Zelle, Nike, Kohl’s, Pfizer, AMC Theatres and Lowe’s. When a major home goods retailer came to Huge seeking a new CMS after observing the limitations of the content management and brand-story capabilities of their current use of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Huge enlisted Acquia’s technology to fulfill the goal of offering the client a fully integrated cross-brand shopping experience that maintained individual brand distinctions. 

Drupal and Acquia Deliver Seamless Content Syndication

After consulting with the client and evaluating their specific need to maximize cross-selling between brand sites via a single shared shopping cart, Huge recommended Acquia. Huge understood that utilizing a nonproprietary software like Drupal together with Acquia’s fully managed infrastructure and suite of tools, including Content Hub and the Acquia Edge CDN, would allow the client to securely tie the sites together under a shared user login and integrate well with the third-party systems that were already in place. Huge worked closely with Acquia throughout the project for guidance, solutions and coordination between their internal teams. 

After the deployment was complete, the client benefited from broader flexibility and oversight into where and how all of their products were being marketed on each site. They were able to maintain a sense of a shared brand heritage without resorting to a bland, one-size-fits-all display. Having unified their content syndication efforts through the Acquia platform, the client’s merchandising teams experienced simplified authoring experiences and stronger page authority in their SEO strategy. 

The Result: An Efficient and Engaging Commerce Experience 

By utilizing secure and scalable platforms such as Drupal on Acquia and integrating headlessly with best-in-class e-commerce platforms, Huge delivered a solution that was both mature enough to support high site traffic and flexible enough to launch new websites quickly. Drupal allowed Huge to create an amazing user experience customized to the needs of the brands without being locked into the often rigid paths provided out-of-the-box with most legacy e-commerce platforms.

The implementation effort supported impressive new commerce revenue and growth for the home goods brand. When comparing the commerce impact from January 2018 to January 2019, the business noted the following successes:

  • 62% increase in users
  • 45% increase in user sessions
  • 25% increase in transactions
  • 31% increase in revenue
  • 15% increase in average order value

Most importantly, Huge was able to use Acquia’s tools to deliver smoother, more meaningful user experiences. The ability to navigate through many sites and touchpoints in the multi-brand ecosystem and collect all of their purchases within a unified online shopping cart minimized distraction across the buyer journey and eliminated the previous confusion caused by having to keep track of multiple purchasing destinations. 

The partnership on this project and launch of a shared commerce ecosystem across multiple websites resulted in a more cohesive and scalable digital experience and paved the way for future growth as the client continues to scale their product offerings. Acquia believes in giving our partners the tools to design innovative solutions, differentiate their offerings and achieve client satisfaction. The coordination efforts between the internal teams at Acquia and Huge to deploy this project serves as a testament to how to tell memorable brand stories and bring customers connected omnichannel commerce experiences. \

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