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How Content Marketers Can Use Drupal 8 to Their Advantage

Drupal is a robust WCM platform, and can often be intimidating for those who do not have an extensive technical background. Previous versions of Drupal may have projected an air of developer exclusivity, but the release of Drupal 8 has debunked the myth that working directly with Drupal is only for the technically savvy.

The Drupal community has placed a high priority on making Drupal 8 a great out-of-the-box experience. This is especially true for content authors. Due to major authoring experience improvements in core, content marketing teams now have a seat at the Drupal table.

Improved Authoring Experience

An easier authoring experience for content authors is now a default in Drupal 8 core. This means that content can be created and published without having to navigate Drupals’ administrative interface. Thanks to the Drupal distribution Spark, marketing teams have control over every step of the content authoring process, from creation, to workflow, and finally publishing.

So what are the out-of-the-box tools in Drupal 8 that make content authoring so intuitive?

In-place Authoring: In Drupal 7, correcting simple copy edits like typos or replacing absent images required content management teams to fix problems in the back-end. With D8 In-place Authoring, content teams can make these changes in the front-end, navigating through any field to create and edit content.

WYSIWYG Editor: Instead of toiling with HTML, Drupal 8 offers a WYSIWYG editor right out-of-the-box. Buttons allow content editors to go bold, embed links, and insert images with ease. This allows for speedy content creation, enabling marketing teams to move faster than ever before.

Mobile Editing: To make things even easier, Drupal 8 authoring experiences are responsive, so teams can edit and approve content on mobile devices.

Content Workflows: The process of authoring and disseminating content is simplified with improved content workflows. Increased visibility allows teams the flexibility to customize their own editorial workflows so that content can be managed from creation to publication.

And the list goes on….. The improved authoring experience doesn’t stop here, as there are numerous tools that will aid content teams and make working with Drupal easy. If you want to learn even more about how Drupal 8.2 is enhancing usability, check out Dries’ blog on Drupal 8.2, Now With More Outside-In.

If you give a Drupalist a Fish….

The benefits of Drupal 8 for content teams are evident. The Drupal community has put a lot time and energy into making the content authoring experience intuitive and easy to use. The tools are there, but how should content marketing teams take advantage?

It’s no mystery that the way customers are interacting with businesses is changing. Most of this is for the better, as businesses have the opportunity to be more innovative and creative with their digital properties. But when digital landscapes are constantly “evolving”, content teams need some kind of map in order to summit the steep and shifting needs of their customers.

Drupal gives content marketing teams the tools, but if you need help developing a content marketing strategy, check out the “How to Build an Open Content Marketing Platform with Drupal 8” Webinar next Tuesday, October 18th at 1pm EDT.

In this webinar, you’ll learn why Drupal 8 is right for your content marketing strategy and what tools within Drupal make sense for your team. Katelyn Fogarty (Digital Marketing Manager, Acquia), Michael Silverman (CEO, Duo Consulting) and Richard Lawson (CTO, Duo Consulting) will provide the insight and strategies needed for content marketing teams to leverage the improved tools of Drupal 8.

“Join this webinar to learn how taking an open marketing approach gives you access to the best of breed tools you want to be using to have a great website experience for your users.” - Katelyn Fogarty, Acquia.

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