How Bounteous Creates Personalized Marketing Campaigns with Acquia Campaign Studio

Learn how our partner Bounteous uses Acquia Campaign Studio's marketing automation to optimize and personalize marketing campaigns.

Marketers today have more insight into what their audiences are doing than ever before. They need open marketing technology that applies this data to inform every part of the customer experience. Acquia Campaign Studio gives organizations the ability to leverage customer data throughout every part of the funnel from capturing leads through landing pages and forms to automated link tracking within emails, so teams can be confident they are sending the right message to the right people at the opportune time. 

Bounteous, an insights-driven digital experience agency and 2019 Acquia Partner of the Year, turned to Acquia Campaign Studio for a marketing automation solution that could give them greater freedom and flexibility when building campaigns for multiple segments. The Bounteous team takes a strategic approach to their marketing campaigns. They start by defining the specific goals each segment of their audience wants to accomplish and building each element of the campaign to correspond with these needs. Therefore, Bounteous needed a marketing automation tool with robust audience reporting and diverse personalization capabilities. Acquia Campaign Studio not only provided the ability to create custom contact fields to store existing customer information, but it also offered over 40 plugins with other third-party tools and systems that extended Bounteous’ ability to gather personalized data and centrally manage it within the Campaign Studio platform. 

Implementing Acquia Campaign Studio with their other systems was an extremely intuitive, marketer-friendly process that did not require them to rely on external contractors or IT resources to set up their domain or validate the platform. They completed the setup and implementation process in a single day, and their marketing team was immediately able to start building and testing campaigns.

Acquia Campaign Studio Optimizes Campaigns for Audience Engagement

Since implementing Acquia Campaign Studio, Bounteous has already launched two successful email campaigns, designed to inform and engage their audience. The first campaign sent reminder emails to inform people about upcoming training workshops coming to their city or region. This campaign was seamlessly migrated from an existing Mailchimp campaign to Campaign Studio. The Bounteous marketing team could easily build new email templates for each geographic segment within the campaign using Campaign Studio’s intuitive segmentation tools.

“Campaign Studio lets us easily create email templates and segments that, once created, can be used over and over again or be used as a starting point for new templates and segments, which makes creating campaigns a breeze. Campaign Studio enables you to spend less time building campaigns and more time thinking about how to make your campaigns more effective,” said Andrew Kim, Associate Director of Marketing Services at Bounteous. 

Bounteous also built a new email campaign in Campaign Studio to distribute their monthly recruiting newsletter. The Talent and Culture team at Bounteous wanted to make it easy for career-seekers to get frequent updates about open positions at Bounteous. They built an audience segment by collecting information from a Campaign Studio form embedded on their Careers page as well as targeting people who had previously attended virtual recruiting events. In a few days, the team built and launched a monthly email newsletter which earned an open rate above 50%! 


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