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The Global Campaign Challenge for Digital Marketers

How should digital marketers approach the creation and management of an international portfolio of digital assets and campaigns? It’s a question that we’re increasingly asked here at Acquia. I have previously written about this from a multi-deployment standpoint, but I thought it would be interesting to ask Ian Truscott, Channel Director at MRM Meteorite, for some advice as to how digital agencies and their clients can ensure consistent brand control and visibility in a global environment.

Ian sees the focus as two-fold:

  • To make the process of customer engagement as efficient as possible, ensuring the re-use of digital assets, consistency of engagement and brand across multiple geographies, markets and stakeholders.
  • Allow for local nuances, so that on-the-ground marketers can engage with their familiar audiences in the best way they can.

So, what steps should brands take to establish consistency of international campaigns and customer experiences? Ian recommends that they look at the following areas:

Incremental Innovation
Like any digital project, it’s important to understand the appetite for change from within the business. MRM Meteorite follows a model that assesses the maturity of the organisation, its current capabilities and then assesses what it possible.

Ian believes that organisations and their brands should focus on their ability to innovate, ensuring that they have the capacity to undertake the change needed at that time. Not everything needs to be changed overnight.

The Story
Businesses need to look at the story they want to tell in the different markets. This needs to be consistent at a brand level, but relevant to each region. Part of this means understanding which brand pillars everyone needs to leverage to be on message and which parts of the story can be flexed for local applicability. Achieving this requires buy-in from across the organisation.

Metrics and Breaking Down Barriers
Metrics plays a very important part in global measurement and securing stakeholder engagement. Is each market focused on tracking the right metrics? Each marketer might be measuring traffic, when in fact deeper metrics, such as engagement, may be more valuable. It could be that one digital asset doesn’t attract huge amounts of traffic, but delivers essential content to a small but valuable set of customers. Do your metrics allow for this? Setting, agreeing and calculating the right metrics across global digital campaigns helps brands to gather better insight into their customers and the experiences that resonate best in each market.

Ian also urges companies to integrate all stakeholders’ objectives into the measurement. Understanding these can be difficult, particularly as many departments can be isolated within a business, but common measurement can help to break these barriers down. Stakeholder engagement depends on tracking the success of a campaign against overall business objectives and the marketing strategy. If senior stakeholders are feeding into these objectives and helping to set metrics, then silos are allowed because measurement is aligned.

Ian believes that the platform, the people and the processes are the components that make or break global campaigns. There needs to be a certain maturity in the business to leverage a multi-site platform – it’s the people and processes that determine this maturity. A multi-site platform needs to be able to create digital assets to respond to immediate needs, and enable shared content across social, mobile, web and apps across multiple locations. The technology provides a framework that empowers local marketers, yet provides assurance in brand consistency and integrity.

Here at Acquia, we like to think that we take the extra time to truly understand how agencies and their clients work, or want to work in the future, so that we can keep developing better technologies that drive exceptional digital journeys. Working closely with partners, such as MRM Meteorite, helps us to do just that.

Our partners and customers are using Acquia’s platforms and services to rapidly launch new brand experiences, but with no duplication of effort or cost. This is the holy grail in digital marketing.

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