The Future of Acquia Lightning for Drupal 8

Acquia Lightning allows developers and expert marketers to build authoring experiences more efficiently.

Over the past few years, marketing and IT departments have become increasingly intertwined. Today, budgets and projects are shared, and teams are integrated.

More marketers and content creators are tasked with understanding the technical side of their organization’s goals—how to use software to distribute content, analyze results, personalize digital experiences, and more.

Everyone—regardless of their company or title—has become a technologist. To accommodate this shift in the business landscape, software providers need to create tools that are more intuitive for less tech-savvy users. Software is no longer only for coders and hackers.

At Acquia Engage 2016, John Kennedy, Open Source Product Manager at Acquia, led attendees through a technical exploration of Acquia Lightning for Drupal 8—a starter-kit distribution of Drupal that’s flexible, intuitive, and built for those hybrid technical-marketing roles.

Acquia Lightning allows developers and expert marketers to build authoring experiences more efficiently. With Lightning, experiences can be more streamlined than ever before.

In the context of a digital media organization, it’s easy to see how fast authoring would be important during a breaking news event. The possibilities extend far beyond the news world.

To stay relevant and engage with their audiences, all brands need to quickly update and distribute content on their digital properties.

Lightning also improves the process of building a website. With Lightning, site builders or developers can build an authoring experience from the ground up in only a few hours. Development tasks that used to take days or weeks are condensed to a matter of minutes.

In the newest version of Acquia Lightning, users will see improved layout components with a library of drag-and-drop layouts organized by different regions, content types and more. In addition, new workflow capabilities now help users simplify Drupal’s editorial workflow process.

Coming early next year we will introduce the concept of workspaces, where users can separate content entities into semi-isolated groups for easy organization. New preview features will allow users to view everything exactly as it will appear when live on a website—even multiple versions at once.

If, for example, you’re a sports news website covering the Super Bowl and you need to prepare two different websites to go live the instant one team wins, you can prepare sites for both scenarios and easily distribute the correct one when the game ends.

Every feature in Lightning is designed with the user in mind, because sophisticated, engaging digital experiences must be accessible to everyone—not just those who are highly technical.