Acquia Engage Austin Texas 2018

Fully Engage by Attending Austin Workshops

September 12, 2018 3 minute read
Get the most out of Acquia Engage by attending a pre-conference workshop covering personalization, content, decoupled Drupal, multisite management, and more.
Acquia Engage Austin Texas 2018

What better way to get amped up for Acquia Engage than with an exclusive learning experience before the event even kicks off? Back for the third year, we will be hosting pre-conference workshops again at Engage Austin.

All registered Engage attendees are invited to participate in one of three pre-conference workshops, which will take place on the first day of the conference, Wednesday, Nov. 7.

This year’s workshop topics will cover:

  • Digital portfolio assessment
  • Personalization and content best practices
  • Decoupled Drupal and multisite governance

Driving Engagement Throughout the Customer Journey

Acquia Journey: Getting Ready for Journey

In this session you will learn what information your organization needs to successfully implement Acquia Journey and how to obtain it. You will learn how to utilize existing customer journeys and data to create customer journey use cases, identify key triggers and define KPIs.

Acquia Lift: Incorporating Personalization Into Your Customer Experience

In this session, you will learn about personalization best practices and how Acquia Lift can support your existing digital marketing program.

Acquia Lift: Technical Owner Training

This interactive workshop will begin with a brief demo of Acquia Lift, followed by a walkthrough of configuring Lift, instrumenting events, using connectors and APIs, creating slots, and managing structured content. You’ll leave the session knowing how to set up Lift and manage content in the application (among many other takeaways).

Building for the Future of Digital Experiences

Decoupled Drupal in Action

Join Preston So, a globally recognized expert on decoupled Drupal, and other Acquia customers for an exciting pre-conference workshop about how to decouple Drupal the right way for a variety of different business goals. In the process, hear from others about their experiences and learn the ins and outs of decoupled Drupal architectures from the big picture to the nitty gritty.

Continuous Delivery

Learn how to continuously assure the quality of your Drupal application and streamline your development workflow by running automated tests, validating custom code, and spinning up on-demand development environments automatically on Acquia Cloud. Catch bugs before they’re merged into your codebase and preview changes before it’s time to release.

Transforming Your Organization and Your Technology for Digital Factories

Learn how organizations big and small organize themselves and their technologies to gain maximum efficiency and produce some of the most beautiful sites in the world. We will equip you with best practices, lessons learned from working with a large network of experienced platform owners, and tactical things you can do immediately to ensure that your site production systems and teams are running like a well-oiled machine.

Enabling Accessibility

Accessibility Training (with certificate of completion)

Join Danielle Sheffler, an accessibility professional with more than 10 years of real world experience and a member of International Association of Accessibility Professionals, for a pre-conference workshop to understand why accessibility matters to your agency or organization, what the differences are between accessibility standards, how to structure content and code to be accessible, and how to test for accessibility. You will come away from this workshop understanding how to incorporate accessibility best practices into your site development and maintenance workflow.

The cost for each workshop is $150 (in addition to the general event registration fee), which includes one full-day workshop session. You can learn more and register here.

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