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Drupal 8 Module of the Week Recap: Admin Toolbar, Devel and Metatag

Drupal 8 Module of the Week Part 2

The Drupal community is still working fast and furiously to improve module availability for Drupal 8. We continue to see their brilliant work with each Drupal 7 module successfully migrated over to Drupal 8.

We’re back with three more freshly-migrated D8 modules that we’ve profiled over on the Acquia Developer Center: Admin Toolbar, Devel, and Metatag.

Admin Toolbar

Maintainers: Mohamed Anis (matio89 on Drupal.org) and Wilfrid Roze (eme on Drupal.org). Mohamed is from Tunisia and is an R&D Engineer at the French Drupal company emerya. Wilfrid is the CEO of emerya and has been working with Drupal for almost 7 years.

What Does Admin Toolbar Do?

Admin Toolbar in Drupal 8

“The Admin Toolbar module adds drop-down functionality to the main administration menu and adds new links for developers.”

Why Does It Matter?

“Admin Toolbar is a huge timesaver for developers. It gives fast access to all administration links without having to click through to sub-menus. The module also comes with a submodule called ‘Admin Toolbar Tools’ that provides site administrators and developers direct links to tasks like flushing caches, running cron, and so on.”

Check out the full Admin Toolbar Module of the Week profile


Maintainer: Moshe Weitzman, the creator and one of the maintainers of Devel, Drupalist since 2001 and part of the Office of the CTO at Acquia.

What Does Devel Do?

WebProfiler footer

Moshe explains: “Devel has a grab-bag of useful features. There are several modules that are part of Devel. For example, one is a module called WebProfiler, which lets you know how many queries there are and gives you information about the request. It tells you things like how many times the cache was consulted and how many cache hits or misses there were. Another Devel submodule is Devel Generate, which generates example data for your Drupal website.

One function worth citing is dpm() -- 'Drupal print message' -- which gives you the contents of any variable. Last but not least, Devel’s Drush integration makes it possible to access Devel’s functionality via the command line, similar to its Web UI (e.g. generate content, review hook implementations, and so on)."

Why Does it Matter?

“Devel is important because the range of information it provides, combined with its testing and other tools, can accelerate your time to delivery. It provides you with better insight into the system you’re operating in. This knowledge helps you identify where any potential slowdowns might be, making you more productive in the end.”

Check out the full Devel Module of the Week profile


Maintainer: Damien McKenna, a long-time Web developer who came into the Drupal world in 2008, and Community Lead at Drupal agency Mediacurrent.

What Does Metatag Do?

Metatag Drupal 8

"Metatag is a system for controlling the hundreds of possible ‘meta’ tags that get added to HTML pages in order to provide more information about the page for search engines, social networks, and other services," explains Damien. "It also gives site builders and developers an API to define and add their own custom meta tags for situations where something completely tailor-made is needed, like for a custom tracking service.”

Why Does it Matter?

Metatag provides a standardized API and UX for developers to manage and control the meta tags for the sites they build. Rather than the meta tags being hardcoded into the site's template files--also making them impossible to change dynamically--it puts the power to control the tags in the hands of content creators on a per-page basis. Metatag Module includes a Drupal Console integration to make it easier for developers to add their own custom meta tags.

Metatag provides value to site owners by making it easier for potential visitors to find their site's content. Properly controlling a site's meta tags gives a business or organization more control over how their site's information is interpreted by search engines, and how the information is presented when pages are shared over social networks.”

Check out the full Metatag Module of the Week profile

Is there a Drupal 8 module you’d like to see profiled? Let us know in the comments!

Whether you're a site builder, module or theme developer, or simply an end user of a Drupal website, Drupal 8 has tons in store for you.
Checking in with the maintainers of the most popular Drupal 8 modules


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