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Drupal 7 user experience improvements - get involved at DrupalCon

I'm tremendously excited to have Mark, Leisa and team join forces with the community and continue the user experience momemtum. Given their prior work, I truly believe they're the team to help extract us from the minutia, think big, and create an experience that expands Drupal's adoption. Welcome aboard!

As with any good design process, they'll kick this project off at Drupalcon DC by conducting research. So far, they've identified two activities:

1. Blue Sky Design Workshops

Mark, Liesa and myself will be running 3 workshops during the conference - and we need your participation to help make these sessions a success. The sessions will be held on Wednesday 3-4pm, and Thursday 9-10am and 11.30-12.30pm in the Acquia meeting room.

These workshops are made up of a few fun activities that will help us think outside the box and explore the boundaries of what Drupal 7 could be. While diversity is optimal, enthusiasm and desire to enhance the Drupal experience is all that is required. If you’re interested in participating, sign-up for one of the workshops using one of these time slots:

Wednesday 3-4pm
Thursday 9-10am
Thursday 11.30-12.30pm

There’s only space for 10 people per workshop, so first come, first serve! If the workshop is full, there's a waiting list here.

2. Pimp My Admin

Recognizing that many people have taken the Admin interface woes into their own hands, this is a chance for you to show how you've "pimped" the Drupal Admin System do what you need it to do.

If you can, simply create a screencast walking us through your work (keeping it under 5 minutes if you can). Highlight what you did and how it worked to your advantage - no matter how big or small the change. When you're finished, upload the screencast to YouTube, Blip, or whatever service you chose, then let us know about the link (email either Mark, Leisa or myself.) We're still working out the details on the best method to collect and share these pimped solutions, so stay tuned. For starters, I created a Your Tube Drupal Redesign group. Knowing that you're all busy preparing for Drupalcon, if this feels like too much work, just come find either Mark, Leisa or myself and we'll be happy to sit down and listen to your rants and raves (read below).

Come find us!

We're still working out the logistics, but somewhere at the conference, there will be booth dedicated to the redesign effort. Either Mark, Leisa, or myself will try to be present at all times. Drop by, bend our ear, show us your screencasts, or drop a suggestion into our box.

Looking forward to meeting you, and the months ahead.