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Does SAP use Drupal? Yes!

Thanks to a comment on by a developer from Mikamai on my other blog, I stumbled across a link to WikiSAP. It's a social network for members of the SAP community in Italy.

The team at Mikamai provides a writeup about their work on WikiSAP on their own site. It looks like WikiSAP is one of their first Drupal projects. They've already extended a module and contributed their enhanced version back, which is a great way to get started with community participation.

I've included a screen shot of Google translated page from the WikiSAP site below. The design is nice and clean, and it looks like there is a lot of user generated content and social networking functionality.


It's great to see SAP join the ranks of AOL, Adobe, FedEx and other large organizations using Drupal as part of their web strategy. The momentum of social publishing with Drupal continues to grow.