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Depth and Breadth of Drupal customers

We recently completed an Acquia customer case study on the New York Senate. The New York Senate is a great example of a Government agency that's using Drupal to keep it's constituents engaged and involved in happenings at the State Senate. Open Government and transparency at its best with Drupal. They use Microsites for various members of the Senate with their own messaging.

It struck me that as I review the story of the NY State Senate, and as I meet and have experience with more and more of Acquia's customers using Drupal, I continue to be amazed and in awe of the depth and breadth of the customers using Drupal. In my time here at Acquia, I've talked to hundreds of customers and listened to their experiences and what Drupal means to them. None of them are the same. Some want to build a community with their customers and prospects, some want a fast way to get a site up for ecommerce needs, some are building corporate information sites. A lot of them have in depth, extensive enterprise requirements and want to tie in with other systems. All of them seem to find satisfaction in Drupal. Who are they? They are:

  • Enterprise size organizations such as Levi Strauss, Thomson Reuters, NPR and The Economist
  • Universities and other Education Institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and Bentley University.
  • Nonprofits of all sizes and types including Mother Jones and GOFOBO
  • Government agencies such as Federal IT Spending Dashboard and the NY State Senate to name only a few
  • Many local schools, libraries and governments

In my past experience at Broadvision - our customers were many large, traditional, enterprise customers with similar requirements. Here at Acquia, my experience with our customers is very varied. I continue to be impressed by the way Drupal fits all these needs. Organizations large and small, for profit and non profit organizations, ones that are on the leading edge of technology, and ones that couldn't care less about technology , but that have hired someone to build a great, beautiful website for them. It's rare that you get to work with a product that is having an impact in so many industries and different flavors of organizations. Interacting with these customers of all types and industries, it seems the reach of Drupal extends in so many places. Here at Acquia we are working on a distribution of Drupal that will be intuitive for team and collaboration building called Drupal Commons which will extend the Drupal reach to more people within enterprises that want a social solution for teams. The depth and breadth of Drupal is truly amazing, and something that I'm seeing first hand every day.