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Building websites and Mountain Climbing – views from the Summit with Drupal

In today’s information saturated marketplace, content is king. Every organization from the largest Fortune-listed to the small “mom and pop shops” need to deliver up-to-date information to their customers and employees. Like any endeavor, the right tools define how successful the process will be. It is also a team effort between business leaders working with users to understand their needs providing direction to content creators who produce relevant content and that flow back to the business leaders for publishing. Building, maintaining and utilizing are not a job for a few dedicated people working inside of your organization. To be successful, a focused team is required to plan, develop and deliver your site.

Some questions to consider include: where is the content that runs your business? Is it centrally managed, or is it spread across multiple PC’s, email in-boxes, USB sticks, portable disc drives and network file shares?

Multiple tools are needed to accomplish this task, and these are some best practices to own the document management space:

1) Have a robust library of content, which can be integrated with other solutions so you can build content-rich websites with a flexible presentation layer.

2) When you evaluate a solution, think about version control, the capability to view online previews without downloading the file, capacity to support a powerful workflow to help you manage internal business processes, and MS Office and GoogleDocs integration.

3) The ability to index documents by key classification is crucial in order to enable advanced search capabilities is also a key attribute,

These are all vital factors to consider in order to implement a Document Management practice which is scalable, efficient and powerful.

This comes to life with Mercy Healthcare. They were struggling with regionally managed internal portals. Each location supported their own portal to deliver content to over 38,000 internal healthcare workers. Keeping regulated documentation up to date was a time consuming and tedious process. We worked with them to create the vision of integrating content and 38,000 users onto a single intranet. In the selection process, they reviewed several web solutions. In the end, Drupal won as the presentation layer for the extensible features and all was going well until they considered all of their document management needs. Drupal didn’t provide the approval, workflow and versioning to meet the advanced document management requirements. That’s where Alfresco fit in. Alfresco provided the advanced document management features to complete the solution.

As a combined solution, Mercy could manage complex content and workflow around it and then easily publish to a wide audience. Alfresco and Drupal together created a scalable environment for Mercy and also provides value for organizations trying to build document rich Intranets, sharing secure content via extranets, and support public sites with high volume content.

What Mercy discovered was building their site was an uphill climb. They encountered issues along the way but continued to persevere to the Summit. If you’re looking for options to manage content and your website with an open solution, come to the Alfresco Summit featuring a strong track of Drupal content. Learn more about combined solutions from customers that have implemented the solution like Mercy Healthcare. Hear from joint partners that have the experience to guide you through your journey. The Alfresco Summit is November 12-15 in Boston – sign up today at summit.alfresco.com.

Case Study of how Acquia and Blink Reaction partnered to create exceptional Drupal websites
At Acquia, our partners make great digital experiences possible by offering our products, consulting expertise and the products of our technology partners.

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