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Building The Community Through Non-Drupal User Education

The other day I was speaking to Dave Terry from Mediacurrent, an Acquia Gold Partner, and we were discussing a variety of topics. More specifically, the conversation gravitated towards our perception of the Drupal blogsphere. It seems that the majority of posts are technical. This is to be expected for the most part, and has certainly helped Drupal flourish and grow.

However, what about people like me who don't have an in-depth programming background? Luckily, I work at Acquia and am surrounded by people who can help me lower my Drupal learning curve. Drupal is complex and it takes time to gain a complete understanding of how powerful and flexible the platform really is. Dave's ultimate point was not to dumb-down Drupal, but suggested we must continue to focus on use cases, marketing collateral, sessions for business minded types at conferences and camps, etc. that the more casual end user can relate to. Furthermore, my colleague and Acquia Marketing Director Bryan House, has been doing a lot of outreach in his recent webinars. These types of activities will be instrumental in Drupal continuing to have high adoption rates. Dave and I reiterated that the usability testing being conducted, redesign of drupal.org, and focus on documentation are all steps in the right direction.

With this in mind, I wanted to share Mediacurrent Drupal Guide that outlines reasons to choose Drupal as well as steps that can help people unfamiliar with Drupal plan their new websites. If you are contemplating a Drupal project this detailed, 30-page document is an excellent starting point . I found myself doing a lot of head nodding as I was reading. The guide asks questions that site owners should consider in the planning stages and tries to set expectations. In my own experience of talking to prospects and customers at Acquia, this type of resource will be welcomed. The benefits are clear, helps to educate new users on the changing landscape of the web, and how they can stay on the cutting edge of technology by using an open source solution.

If you have any questions about whether Drupal is right for you or how we can help in the process, feel free to shoot me an email at alex@acquia.com.


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where is attached your guide?

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I didn't realize the attachment wouldn't show.

There's a link in the article now.