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Acquia's Invite Lost in the Mail?

It’s a bummer Acquia’s invitation to discuss social business software for the enterprise with TechCrunch’s Sarah Lacy got lost in the mail. I hate when that happens. Good news is we’re not easily offended, and will contribute to the discussion anyway.

Acquia’s Drupal Commons is a social business software distribution built on the industry leading open source content management system, Drupal. This means social business capabilities are packaged right out of the box without extensive configuration or setup time or costs.

Last year, Acquia Founder Dries Buytaert posted a blog about Jive spreading FUD about Drupal and how they justify charging million dollar license fees to their customers. But here are just a few reasons why Drupal Commons is the best choice in social business software solution for the enterprise – for a lot less money.

Total flexibility. Drupal Commons doesn’t restrict your ability to brand and configure your community. You want it to look like your corporate website? That works for us. Rather have it stand out from the rigid corporate brand? You can do that too. The choice and flexibility is yours.

Freedom to grow – freely. One of the huge benefits of Drupal Commons is that it can be extended with any of the 7,000+ add-on modules for Drupal. Why is this key for enterprises? Drupal Commons grows with you and your needs – without the license fees. Unlike proprietary software vendors who are building “app stores” make you pay for add-ons to fill holes in the base product, open source software allows you to take total control of the solution should you need more than Acquia pre-packages in Drupal Commons.

You’re in good company. Tons of leading enterprises are already using Drupal for their community websites. Join the likes of Novell, Verizon, and Symantec and many others in learning why Drupal is the right enterprise solution for social business communities. Check out Acquia CEO Tom Erickson’s recent blog post for some more great examples.

But keep your eye out for our announcement of some more highly visible external communities built with Drupal Commons soon! And maybe we’ll get some airtime with TechCrunch soon. ☺