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#AcquiaEngage Recap: PFunk, Digital Disruption and the Future of Engagement

We need the funk, gotta have that funk. Owww…..

Emerging through the noise of a packed venue at Boston’s Royale, George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic brought “pure funk mayhem” to all in attendance.


As the first night’s entertainment at Acquia’s first ever conference, Acquia Engage, George Clinton and company were a tremendous compliment to the sessions, speakers and people - all of whom are working to achieve breakthrough results by making digital experiences simply amazing.

From government to entertainment, nonprofits to financial services, high technology to higher education; Acquia Engage brought together digital executives from a wide array of industry sectors. Acquia Engage provided a rare networking opportunity to hear from an esteemed group of peers; the learning opportunities were immense. It’s clear, the people attending Engage are among the best strategists in the game, and they’re all hungry to push through the barriers that get in their way.

And there were plenty of shining examples on display. Such as how handmade cosmetic maker LUSH unifies product content and commerce for an amazing overall brand story and experience, and increased revenue more than 50 percent as a result. Or how Puma broke down business and technology barriers to unify content and commerce in a brilliant new brand experience.

It’s seeing how new brands disrupt proven and deeply entrenched engagement models, just as Tesla is doing for automobile sales by taking the showroom experience all digital. It’s learning how longstanding brands like the BBC are proactively expanding their scope to deepen audience engagement, discover new revenue streams, and continue to innovate.

Engage attendees got inside perspective of how NBC Sports is transforming the fan experience for the world’s most watched sporting events, blending immersive content with broadcast quality video in a seamless experience. They connected with an amazing ecosystem of digital agencies and learned about the uplift in innovation that’s possible because of shared synergies with great tech partners like AWS, Akamai and Dyn.

These conversations were framed by an impressive collection of inspiring keynote speakers, all of whom shared their insight into the drivers that are shaping digital transformation in every sector and industry. Forrester’s James McQuivey illustrated how easy it is for new entrants to disrupt deep rooted industries with a great digital experience. Think how Square and Prism are capturing the customer experience and building relationships around personal finance, without having to enter the business of banking.

We First founder Simon Mainwaring demonstrated that customers are the storytellers for a brand, and for brands to market effectively requires celebrating the impact that their customers have in the world. Do it with sincerity, he said, and you’ll earn goodwill that elevates your brand. “Stop thinking about marketing and start having a cultural conversation that will help you do things better,” Mainwaring said.

Creating these kinds of conversations takes deep insight, and the product we launched at Engage is all about developing the insights that will make every interaction more meaningful. We launched ContextDB this week, a data warehouse that automates data-driven, context-aware customer experiences. TechCrunch reported that ContextDB collects information “from known and unknown customers. The former are customers who provide information about themselves, while the latter are customers who come to your site without providing information, but still leave digital footprints with valuable information.” It’s part of our Digital Engagement Services, a critical part of the Acquia Platform in which we’ll continue to invest and grow our offerings for bringing greater context to every customer interaction.

I’m incredibly proud to be part of the team that put on Acquia’s first ever customer conference. There’s an amazing amount of preparation and logistics that go into pulling off an event like Acquia Engage. The magic happens when you - our amazing customers and partners - share your lessons learned and hard-earned success, in formal sessions and in private hallway conversations.

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