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Acquia University Re-launches Drupal Learning Program

There’s no question that Drupal is one of the hottest web technologies out there. And a career in Drupal can offer a profitable and interesting career path, as well as opportunity to engage in the world’s largest and most active open source community. Drupal powers millions of websites, and with this explosion comes an ever growing need to hire people to build and maintain these sites. The challenge the community is facing is one of supply and demand. Simply put, there just aren’t enough people to fill the needs.

Acquia’s strategy? Attract, grow, and retain new talent in the Drupal community through the launch of Acquia University. Acquia U is a 14-week paid program comprised of classroom learning in Drupal, Acquia Products and Services, and consulting skills, independent projects, 1:1 mentorship, on-the-job training, and job rotations with customer-facing teams across Professional Services and Customer Support.

Our goal at program’s end is to offer participants a career path into Drupal and a full-time job opportunity. Most programs offer the training, but not the real-world application of learning during job rotations, much less a full time job opportunity at program’s end.

This is what makes the program different.

We are taking on a more structured approach to ramping up new people into Drupal - one that will capitalize on the content created by the community, more formally bring people through a hands-on learning process, and offer opportunities to engage in Real Play- a learning approach that presents real business problems and uses them as the basis for real-time learning. With this program, we’re trying to not only close the talent gap, we’re trying to inspire the next generation of Drupalists to learn the basics and choose a career path; one that will be equal parts hard work, professional advancement, and personal fulfillment.

Acquia University will help round out the current offerings in the Drupal learning community. Innovative solutions like Lullabot and Drupalize.me offer online, on-demand content. These are really effective platforms for people who curious and self-motivated learners. For those who need a more structured approach, bootcamps offer an in-person structured learning process. The challenge of these bootcamp programs is that they often come at a daunting investment for young talent or people looking for mid-career changes. According to the 2014 Programming Bootcamp Survey, aspiring programmers will shell out an average $9,300 for a 10 week bootcamp, with some going as high as $13,000.

For many, this upfront investment is just not possible. So we’re taking that obstacle out of the picture and accelerating careers. We gain another cadre of talented people who in 10 years can say, “I remember when Drupal 8 could…”

Application window closes October 31, 2014. Program held onsite in Burlington, MA beginning December 1st. For more information on the Acquia University Program, please visit http://u.acquia.com/

Know someone who would be a great applicant? Refer them to the program and be eligible for a $2,500 bonus!

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