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Acquia Partner Profile: miggle

At Acquia, our partners are an incredible part of our success. In this series, we’ll be profiling some of our premier partners, showcasing who they are and what they do, in their own words.

We spoke with Alick Mighall, Managing Director at miggle. “As a small-ish specialist development agency, my role encompasses product, project and account management, HR, finance, business development and sales. I don’t do any development myself, but I like being able to support my team of devs to do their job well”.

miggle Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 2007
  • Location: Brighton and Hove, England
  • Number of Employees: 10
  • Top Clients: NBC Universal, Air New Zealand and Travel Nation

What are your areas of expertise?

Alick explains: “Travel is the main sector, but really the unifying factor is Drupal, and for now, that’s centred around build and support.. We do a lot of work with Solr, using to it to help create and manage rich content experiences.”

What project / work are you most proud of?

“We’re probably most proud of the work we’ve done for Travel Nation, as it’s the most extensive, longest term Drupal project we’ve worked on - and the client team there are great. They really get it. We’ve been working with them on it for 3 years now.”

Travel Nation

What technology and environments do you support?

“In terms of platforms / content management systems, we support Drupal 7 and 8. We also support a variety of marketing tools. Most clients that come to us have already hedged their bets with a CRM etc., so our job becomes one of working out how we best integrate with those choices.”

What areas are you looking to expand or invest in in the future?

“We have been looking at Internet of Things (IoT) and spending some R&D time there. Watch this space! Over time I’d like to look at becoming more of a full service agency, possibly with a narrower sector strategy.”

What role do customers ask you to play in technology strategy or selection?

“Customers usually are looking for two things from us: more control over their content, often in an environment where they are dealing with limited editorial resources and improved information architecture (IA) in the front end. In terms of applicable technology, we look at whether we can paint the right picture with Drupal delivering on those objectives.”

What tech trends are you most excited about?

“I’m most excited about IoT and how it will combine with Drupal 8 and progressive decoupling.”

What is most important to you / what do you value most as an agency?

“It’s important to me that miggle works for my team. If my team is happy, then client happiness takes care of itself.”

How would you describe the culture at your agency? What are the people like?

“I’ve been fortunate to always have a talented, loyal team; very few egos coupled with a real desire to learn and share knowledge. I’d say the culture is one of getting along, but getting on with it and then enjoying the rest of what life has to offer.”

What’s one random fact about your agency?

We’ve hired, at complete random, lots of musicians over the years, but other than Guitar Hero have never put that to use or applied it to client work. For a while we had enough bass players to have performed an epic rendition of ‘Big Bottoms’ by Spinal Tap - but we never took the opportunity…”

What’s your least favorite buzzword?

“‘Reaching out’ I’d reach out to someone if they were drowning or vice versa. Other than that you can just thank me for getting in touch. Right now I hate ‘Brexit’ too because of what I think it will mean to my kids future.”

Why partner with Acquia?

“We partner with Acquia because I want my developers to be developers not ‘have a go hero’ system admins. Now we’re with Acquia we have less nasty surprises around infrastructure. We’re in touch with some very nice people there too.”

What else would you like the community and prospects to know?

“We’d like people to know that you should just look us up and see how we can help. Having been in digital for over 20 years I know I have a great team here. I want to supplement that with more talented people and do exciting work with customers who are as passionate about online as we are.”

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