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Acquia Momentum- 2010 Kicks off with a Flurry of Activity

Coming up on one year since joining the company, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the progress Acquia has made recently, and which I have watched first hand. If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you’ve been seeing this growth on a regular basis; seeing the traction we’ve been having in hot markets such as government, media and publishing not to mention following all the technology developments taking place with our team and amongst the broader Drupal community.

However for those of you who aren’t “regulars” I thought I’d take a minute to recap some the milestones and benchmarks we’ve reached, many of which have come since 2010 kicked off.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Growth of Acquia's customer base to over 450 businesses, government organizations and non-profits including: Intuit, Red Hat, National Audubon Society,National Institute of Health, the New York State Senate, among others.
  • Partner program expansion to 140 partners. Partners include Drupal design and development agencies and technology organizations worldwide.
  • Creation of 4,000 new Drupal Gardens beta websites since the platform launched in late January 2010.
  • Updated versions of the Acquia Network including updates to Acquia Drupal, the Drupal stack installer, Acquia hosting, and Acquia Remote Administration offerings.
  • Continued support of the Drupal developer community including providing funding and support for the Field API for core, manpower and funding for portions of the drupal.org redesign, assisting with the drupal.org test infrastructure, and contributing to Drupal's Apache Solr integration and Drupal 7.

What all of these milestones underscore is an increasing awareness and validation of social publishing as the platform that truly achieves organizations’ content and community goals. Whether I’m speaking with customers, our development team or fellow marketers, we all agree on one thing: systems for managing web content as well as a socially-connected communities require more integration than ever before. Drupal’s inherent functionality, the Drupal community’s commitment to innovation and Acquia’s ability to layer services and support on top of an already comprehensive platform is the reason end-users are turning to social publishing.

I’d love to continue the community-building discussion here; please send all questions and comments or follow me on Twitter @lcapozzi.


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