Acquia Jumpstarts Data-Driven Personalization with New Starter Kit

We’re excited to release our newest offering, Acquia Lift Starter, a starter pack to help companies build robust customer profiles that are the foundation for every customer journey and successful personalization strategy.

We have all heard the buzz around personalization — the key to orchestrating a customer experience that will drive engagement, conversions, and loyalty. Unfortunately, implementing personalization continues to be a challenge for marketers due to an inability to collect data across multiple customer touch points and unify that data across tools into one customer profile. About 80 percent of companies don’t understand their buyers beyond basic demographics and purchase history, and 96 percent of marketers struggle to build a single view of customers, according to VentureBeat.

The reality is that personalization throughout the customer journey means nothing without data. It is not possible to deliver the right message at the right time without knowing and understanding the needs and desires of each individual buyer. Even those marketers who invest in technologies to capture customer data are limited by their inability and resource to connect information across all of their various systems. If marketers want to meet the constantly growing digital expectations of their customers, they must be able to unify data in a way that provides a single view of customer engagements across channels and devices.

Announcing our new offering, Acquia Lift Starter

At Acquia, we understand the importance of unifying customer data when it comes to easily building personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. However, we also understand that every organization has a unique technology ecosystem that requires a flexible solution for the aggregation of that data. We also recognize that not every company is able to make this type of personalization investment right away from a resource or time perspective.

This is why we’re excited to release our newest offering, Acquia Lift Starter, a starter pack to help companies build robust customer profiles that are the foundation for every customer journey and successful personalization strategy. Acquia Lift Starter unifies profile and behavioral data from multiple sources to create the foundation for in-context, personalized experiences across any channel or device.


Acquia Lift Starter includes:

  • Unified customer profile: Assemble a unified profile in real-time for a holistic view of each prospect and customer. Lift captures visitor profile and behavioral data, as well as implicit interests, across digital channels via flexible APIs.
  • Progressive audience profiling: Automatically merges anonymous and known profiles across various sessions, channels, and devices and pulls in information from other data sources to obtain the complete view of each visitor.
  • Real-time, adaptive segmentation: As visitors identify themselves through form submits, Lift adaptively segments the audiences in real-time, based on the behaviors and actions they exhibit.
  • Deep customer insights: Pre-built dashboards and reports to gain deep insight to segment audiences for the customer journey.
  • APIs and pre-built connectors: Integrates with existing marketing technologies including third-party systems like CRM systems, marketing automation solutions, and email marketing tools.

"Acquia Lift Starter allows marketers to focus on data first and get a better view of what their customers are doing before jumping head first into targeted marketing. This approach aligns well with our model for content and optimization strategy" - Leah Sand, associate director at VML.

We strive to continue to make personalization easy to implement and manage. Acquia Lift Starter accelerates an organization’s personalization strategy by allowing teams to easily collect and integrate web and omnichannel data across all tools so they can begin to understand their buyers’ interests and behaviors.

With the right foundation in place for data collection and personalization, organizations can ensure success in their personalization strategy from the start. When the time comes to implement personalized marketing into the customer journey, organizations will be able to easily target the customer segments they’ve predefined with one click to create a 1:1 experience for their customers. To learn more, visit Acquia Lift or contact our team.

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