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How Questex is Improving User Engagement

It’s not enough to have well-built and beautifully designed website; there is more that goes into fostering user engagement. At Acquia Engage 2016, Michael Dickey, Director of Engineering at Questex explained how Questex is creating various touchpoints for user engagement across all of its digital properties.

Questex is a B2B organization that specializes in connecting buyers, sellers, and professionals through events, newsletters, and other digital products across several key industries, including hospitality, travel, beauty and wellness, spa, nightclub and bar, telecom, life sciences, and health care.

Dickey emphasized the importance of not just trying to create engagement but also rewarding users for taking different actions. “This comes down to the point of trying to make that sure that anything that we try to do, in terms of a goal for engagement, we’re rewarding the user for doing so. For every minute they spend with us, we should be giving them something, there should be some kind of correlation there. That’s going to be different for everyone, you may have a need for installs, downloads, everyday engagement, commenting on stories, or purchasing products. You just have to look at that for yourself as to what your goals are going to be.”

But determining how to measure user engagement really depends on your type of organization. “Based on your needs and what your company does, it’s going to be different. It’s a pretty broad term anyway. For us, it really is a user that spends more time on our site and multiple page views per visit. This, for our purposes, allows for greater delivery of ads. We are largely ad-based revenue, and the likelihood of taking action and signing up for our newsletters, signing up for our events.”

But user engagement can’t be an entirely manual process. Questex has implemented a number of different marketing tools to help improve engagement across digital properties. This includes Parse.ly, a publishing-specific tool used to populate popular content, and Taboola, which is a content engine that places content at the bottom of an article (i.e. the 10 Weird Tricks to Reduce Belly Fat, and Where’s this Celebrity Now). “I had groans when we started talking about doing that. I was really not pleased with the idea. But, what we were able to learn as we went through the process was that we have a lot of control over what we show here. Being a B2B company is very important that we’re not going to show anything inappropriate to our users.”

Another tool Questex is using to improve user engagement is Acquia Lift. Lift has been implemented to deliver personalized ads based on a user’s interests. With unified user profiles, Questex can now push tailored ads based on audience segments’ preferences. This application of personalization has not only improved user engagement but has also increased ad revenue.

To hear more about how to set your organization for user engagement success, watch the full presentation below:

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