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Engage in Review: Product Preview with Chris Stone, Chief Products Officer

The excitement level was high during the first day of Acquia Engage 2015. To kick off the conference, we heard stories of digital transformation from our CEO, Tom Erickson, as well as companies like Princess Cruises, Intuit, and Whole Foods, and got a glimpse into the future of the web from our CTO and Drupal founder Dries Buytaert.

chris stone acquia

In the afternoon, Chris Stone, Chief Products Officer, took the stage to share Acquia’s technology roadmap, which included “the mother of all demos” from our product managers and engineers. In case you missed the action, now’s your chance to catch up on the highlights. Here are the products available now and a preview of what’s in the works for 2016.

Available Now

1. Announced at Engage, Content Hub makes it easy to create content once and publish it everywhere. It’s designed as a solution to the problems that come with having multiple sites and multiple systems. Content Hub makes it easy to discover, find, and syndicate information -- keeping everything consistent across sites. It also helps authors and site owners reuse content from other sites, commerce platforms, and more.

Coming in 2016

2. Acquia Grid will make scaling up easy—and automatic—thanks to a container-based grid architecture. With Acquia Grid’s automated health tracker in place, pushing out new features will be a smooth process each and every time. Using Grid, developers can get their jobs done faster, while Acquia automates the hard work of provisioning and ensuring maximum uptime.

3. In addition, we’re working on a new Cloud UI, built on principles of API-first and responsive design and designed to handle orders-of-magnitude more applications. It can be customized in many ways, and itself utilizes AngularJS on the frontend and Drupal on the backend. It reflects our passion on decoupled Drupal, which gives site builders the freedom to use the front-end technologies they desire to build digital experiences.

4. A card-based, fully responsive, developer experience for the next-generation of Acquia Cloud development tools is a game changer enabling site builders to easily deliver more websites and applications at scale. This environment is highly secure and compliant with a number of standards and certifications, including PCI and HIPAA.

5. With the new Acquia Lightning distribution of Drupal 8, we’re empowering editorial teams by giving them the tools to create great authoring experiences. With a responsive layout and the ability to spin out content to multiple sites, distribution challenges will become a thing of the past. Lightning will provide a rich set of capabilities, such as workflow, drag-and-drop layouts and the ability to comment directly in the CMS, effectively cutting email out of the equation. It also seamlessly integrates with other Acquia products.

6. Later next year, keep an eye out for updates to Acquia Lift. Lift is all about understanding the site visitor to create a highly customized, contextualized user journey. By creating unified customer profiles with information such as location, behavior, and interests, and further organizing those profiles into segments l, marketers can better grasp the needs of their audience. It’s all about serving up the right content, to the right user, in the right place, at the right time.

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