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Content Meets Context: Turning Customer Data into Insight

Personalized content is essential for engaging today’s consumers. People now expect that websites will show them exactly what they want, when they want it. This can be a tall order for digital marketers, especially when targeting a broad and complex audience.

When leads are nurtured with personalized content, studies show a 20% increase in sales. With the explosion of data in recent years, a whole new level of personalization is being made possible, and companies are starting to catch on. But with so much data coming out of every digital touchpoint, how do you make sense of it all?

Having access to customer data is one thing, but turning it into valuable insight is another. At Acquia Engage 2016, Dave Ingram, Product Manager at Acquia, explored how organizations can meet today’s standards of personalization and leverage data to provide only the most relevant customer experiences.

Bridging the Gap Between the Marketer and Consumer

There’s a shockingly wide gap between today’s marketers and consumers—74% of consumers are frustrated when irrelevant website content pops up. That’s likely because only 16% of marketers actually understand their customers beyond basic data. This is where Acquia Lift comes in.

Lift is Acquia’s personalization tool that takes customer data from anywhere on the web and uses it to personalize and contextualize the customer experience. It uses information on customer interests and experiences to provide content in context throughout the buyers’ journey, helping marketers show consumers exactly what they’re looking for when they visit their site.

Acquia Lift Gets a Face Lift

In Dave Ingram’s session on content and context, he discussed Acquia Lift’s new features that help relieve the burden of website personalization. The new capabilities include:

Unification of content and customer data for the delivery of data-driven personalization

  • The ability to drag and drop content and personalization rules onto pages with an intuitive UI
  • Integration with Acquia Content Hub to pull content from any system to help reach more users
  • Personalization of any site—regardless of what platform it was built on.

Lift is opening doors for marketers to efficiently collect customer profile data and gain insight into buyer segments. Its embedded syndication hub unifies content from across these platforms, transforming what was once a labor-intensive and duplicative effort. With the ability to target prospects and customers in real time, marketers are able to adapt to audience behavior, driving faster conversions and bottom-line results.

By bringing content and context together, Acquia Lift lays the foundation for true omnichannel personalization at scale, and sets a new standard for contextualized customer experiences that will empower consumers more than ever before.

Watch the full presentation, Content Meets Context: Acquia Lift Gets A Facelift, below:

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