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Acquia Customer Service Day 2014: Riding Along with Acquia Ready & Support

It is not every day that members of an entire company are invited to provide and/or gain first-hand perspective into their customers and colleagues. However, on December 10, Acquians did just that as part of a global Customer Service Day organized by Acquia’s Customer Success leadership team.

Five departments, including Account Management, Acquia Ready (Onboarding), Global Support, Professional Services, and Technical Account Management, hosted colleagues to "ride along" on their customer interactions, impart knowledge as needed, and learn more in-depth what fellow colleagues do. For our executive team, members were invited to make calls to our customers simply to thank them for their business and learn what we could do better- that's it!

To participate in Customer Service Day (CSD), staff in various geographic regions were appointed as "drivers," "riders," and "appreciation callers" (or any combination as time permitted). As a result, Acquians made 638 customer touch points and 292 ride-along opportunities, in 7 different languages, all around the world.

Read on for a couple of quick snapshots from riders who participated in the CSD!

Acquia Ready: Onboarding

This is a great cross-functional training event. As a driver we got to meet other people within the company and discuss how each role then overlaps or transitions to one another. We had time before and after each ride to collaborate and discuss ideas for best practice, and how things could go better.
-- Acquian / Acquia Ready

Acquia Ready onboarding
Taryn Collins, a recent addition to the marketing team at Acquia as a Content Marketing Specialist, made a point to sit in on several different CSD events across the various participating departments. It was a great educational opportunity for employees throughout the organization, but especially so for folks who’ve had less time to familiarize themselves with Acquia’s intricacies. Most notable from her experience was “riding” on a call with Tayla Shaheen (pictured above at conference table) of the Acquia Ready team, where she learned how the team is handling the onboarding of a large educational institution. “Prior to CSD, I had no idea how complex of a system we have working internally between departments. Just on this one call, we had representatives from onboarding, account management, technical account management and support, making sure that even the smallest details of onboarding this new client went as smoothly as possible. I was so impressed to see what a well oiled machine we are running here!”

Global Support

I was really looking forward to the opportunity of finding out more about other teams in Acquia and I wasn't disappointed! The support engineer gave us a great "tour" of Customer Solutions and his role in particular and how it interfaces and interacts with both customers and other Acquia teams. I am now far more tuned into the challenges that he and his colleagues face on any given day and this will help me in prescreening and interviewing candidates in the future.
-- Acquia / Human Resources

Acquia support
Support Coordinator Ally speaking with ride-along DC; sample support ticket walk-thru; Senior Support Engineer Scoots leading a ride-along that included CEO Tom (right)

DC Denison, Senior Manager of Customer Stories at Acquia, spent part of the day riding along in Global Support, gathering customer service stories.

His first ride along was with Kent Gale, Senior Director, Global Support Innovations, who sits on a support leadership team that supervises a group of 55-56 global support engineers. Global Support is strategically placed around the world in such a way as to insure that a team is always awake and prepared to swoop in on a customer request.

Global Support handles 1000 tickets a week, which translates into at least 3000 interactions a week. Kent was instrumental in starting the first Customer Service Day, in 2010 when Acquia had only 70 employees.

“Support talks to customers more than anybody,” he told DC. "We thought it would be great to give everyone in the company a taste of that access.”

DC’s Customer Service taste also included ride-alongs with Ally Gonthier, Customer Support Coordinator, and senior support engineer Matthew “Scoots” Lucasiewicz.

Watching Scoots, DC said he was struck by how deftly Scoots used a collection of tools to zero in on customer problems. In one interaction, Scoots bounced between a chat window with fellow support engineers, an open Zendesk ticket request system application, and a live discussion with the customer. It took less than 10 minutes to find a solution to the customer’s question, which initially appeared to be rather thorny.

“You want to quickly get to the point where you can tell the customer, 'This is what happened, this is how you fix it,'” Scoots told DC. "The idea is to make their days awesome,” Scoots added.

Next week, we'll share more CSD snapshots from Acquia’s executive team, Account Management, Professional Services, and Technical Account Management.

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