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Acquia Campaign Studio vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Part 4: Reporting

This time in our Acquia Campaign Studio vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud series we look at which marketing platform is best for reporting.

Time to analyze and measure. In part four of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Comparison series, I’ve identified the reporting features of both Acquia Campaign Studio and SFMC. If you missed the previous sections, start by finding part one here.

SFMC Reports to Acquia Campaign Studio ’s Reports 

SFMC has several built-in reports to give you high-level or very detailed views of reporting metrics. Acquia Campaign Studio  has a reporting area where users can create reports for the metrics they want.

There is a lot going on in the SFMC reports tab, with over 30 reports that are built-in. These reports require a user to enter the exact criteria they want reporting for. Some other reporting functions also exist in the Report Builder option in the Activity tab and in different Studios like Journey and Mobile. Despite having more reports available, the reality is that I rarely used more than three or four for any given campaign. 

One feature in particular that I enjoyed was the email click heat map that gave a great visual of where recipients were engaging with a given email. This is a good example of an individual feature that shines in SFMC. But SFMC also lacks roll-up reporting. So, at the parent level, it is difficult to compare what’s going on. In the past, I needed to work with tools like Tableau to get a true read on how different business units compared to each other.

Acquia Campaign Studio's Reports are very nimble. I have been able to create detailed reports in a variety of visual graphs that can be exported or sent directly to stakeholders. Comparing A|B tests has been easy and the tool helps to clearly show the winner. I do miss the link alias function that SFMC has, but I can use Google Analytics to get the same comparative results. 

The essential takeaway? Reporting is critical to measuring your results (obviously). SFMC has fancy bells and whistles, but Acquia Campaign Studio has what’s needed. Ask yourself what you really need: what are the core metrics your organization actually cares about? And also, are your reports just going to be exported to another tool altogether? If so, the point becomes moot.  

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