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Acquia Campaign Studio vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Part 3: Automation

How do Acquia Campaign Studio and Salesforce marketing cloud compare in terms of automation features and ease of use? .

Let’s continue with part 3  of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Comparison series. Here, I will draw my comparisons between the automation functions in Acquia Campaign Studio and SFMC. If you’ve missed our previous articles of the series – catch up here.

SFMC Automation Studio/Journey Builder to Acquia Campaign Studio’s Campaigns 

SFMC is cumbersome to set up, but it can be a very effective way to execute a multi-channel strategy. Acquia Campaign Studio’s builder is user-friendly and flexible, offering users a lot of creative and strategic freedom.

Every time I thought I was done setting up a journey in SFMC’s Journey Builder, I realized I still had another step to take. I had my Data Extensions, I had my content (emails, push messages, in-app messaging), I had my automation scheduled, I had a goal defined, I had endpoints, I had Contact Builder syncing… but still, after creating over 100 journeys, I would find I missed something along the way. SFMC’s support response was always slow (days) and often the issue would be due to a backend error or bug update that affected my account.

Giving credit where it’s due, the Journey Builder tool is very powerful and it allows you to connect different channels, split random test segments, provide reporting at each node, and trigger based on API calls. Welcome series, sales nurtures, and re-engagement campaigns are three of the best ways to utilize one-to-one personalized communications in the Journey Builder platform.

Acquia Campaign Studio’s Campaign builder holds its own to SFMC’s Journey Builder. I can plan multichannel communications, make decisions on real-time engagement data, bucket new segments, and so much more. One of the best aspects I’ve taken away so far is the ability to trigger engagement alert emails internally just like you would send a triggered customer email externally. A sales team member can gain just as much insight as the marketer who created the campaign drips. This level of transparency is unmatched with SFMC and allows our entire organization to become more integrated and move faster and more precisely.

Automation Features Summary

If I’m being honest, creating automated campaigns isn’t always an easy exercise. Every company would have the perfect sales funnel if that were true. It usually takes different teams to sign off, provide content, manage notifications, define data parameters, and craft reports, in addition to setting up lists and emails and decisions in the actual marketing automation platform. But this last part should be the easy part thanks to today’s technology, and the truth is that Acquia Campaign Studio’s campaign builder is truly like butter. It’s smooth and easy to plan and execute across channels and teams. I can create a flow and be confident that any internal team will understand the decisions, operations, actions and goals. Like any automated campaign, you need to make sure you have assets ready, goals defined, and timeframes confirmed. Once you have those, you should be ready to fly without being bogged down by the nuances of other automation solutions like SFMC.

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