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Acquia and Tesla Accelerating at Top Speeds

Last Friday January 14th Acquia employees got the ride of a lifetime! That’s right we all had the privilege of test-driving the Tesla Roadster Sport, the 100% electric sports car. This beast boasts 288-horse power and smoothly accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. The best way I can explain how amazing this car is by comparing the super smooth acceleration of the Aerosmith roller coaster ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I had two rides in the Roadster the first as a passenger, with Don MacNeil the New England area Tesla Sales Manager as we mapped out the course for the test drive. Then after much anticipation and a few hours taking photographs of all my co-workers it was my turn to tame the beast, as I slid behind the wheel of this incredible sports car I didn’t quite know what to expect. All I can say is “Wow!” the whole time I was driving I was thinking to myself “I want one” it was so fun to drive, it accelerates like nobody’s business and hugs the corners at 50mph. I was a little disappointed to have to bring it back to Acquia for my other co-workers to enjoy. Speaking of enjoying the ride check out this cool video my co-workers Matt Ackley and Chris Brookins created.

Acquia and Tesla are on the same road to success, both companies are accelerating at top speeds and developing innovative and cutting-edge products. Acquia and Tesla are planning on taking the Tesla test-drive on the road to our valued customers and partners, so stay tuned for more information as we map out our route.