2018 Product Updates to the Acquia Experience Platform

Acquia continues to invest in its platform to help customers build, manage, and optimize their digital experiences with greater efficiency.

2018 Product Updates to the Acquia Experience Platform

Our vision at Acquia is to deliver the universal platform for the world’s greatest digital experiences. As part of this vision, we continue to make investments in our platform that help our customers build, manage, and optimize their digital experiences with greater efficiency.

Each quarter, we release new product features as part of our long-term roadmap, which is guided by three key value propositions simplicity, scalability, and intelligence. As we highlighted at this year’s Engage 2018, we’ve added 50-plus new features to the Acquia Experience Platform over the course of 2018 that are available today for our customers. 

Acquia Platform

Strengthened Compliance: GDPR readiness
  • Strengthened Compliance: GDPR readiness Acquia announced its readiness for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect May 25. We at Acquia have always seen GDPR as an opportunity to further strengthen and deepen our commitment to data protection by building upon the requirements set forth by some of the security frameworks and standards that we support such as the Privacy Shield, SOC 1 and SOC 2, among other standards  (ISO 27001, PCI-DSS Level 1, HIPAA, FedRAMP). We welcome you to visit our GDPR page for more information and resources.   

Acquia Lightning

  • Added the ability to schedule the publication of content. Content editors can schedule future-state changes to content, i.e. schedule to go live or to be archived at a given time, scheduled per piece of content.
  • Added the ability to easily crop images. Content editors can crop assets when uploading or embedding images into content.
  • Lightning media updated to use the new core media system as part of Drupal 8.5 enhancements. To assure Lightning is stable and sustainable, new core systems are regularly adopted alongside migration paths for existing users.
  • Lightning workflow updated to use core workflow and content moderation modules as part of Drupal 8.5 enhancements. To assure Lightning is stable and sustainable, new core systems are regularly adopted alongside migration paths for existing users.
  • Settings tray now available as part of Drupal 8.5 enhancements. The Drupal 8.5 settings tray unlocks the ability for developers to provide in-context actions on the page, demonstrated by the Lightning’s moderation sidebar.
  • PHP 7.2 supported as part of Drupal 8.5 enhancements. Lightning supports the latest version of PHP, which is more performant and prepares developers, and system operators, for the future.
  • Lightning's components are no longer bundled with the profile. Lightning capabilities are now packaged as individual components and located alongside other Drupal modules, allowing site builders to leverage Lightning components even inside existing projects.
  • Ported the “update:lightning” command to Drush and improved it such that it no longer requires any arguments to run. Developers can now more easily update Lightning, particularly across large numbers of sites.
  • Upload videos to the media library: Lightning now supports the upload of videos directly into the media library, allowing site builders to host and serve video directly in their application.
  • Edit media using Quick Edit: Improved the usability of page building by allowing media to be edited via the Quick Edit UI.
  • Use Lightning Layout by default: To provide a more consistent UX for your page builders and eliminate the need to configure the page-content type, we’ve made the default “page content type” in Acquia Lightning use Lightning Layout for page building.
  • Out-of-the-box support for media, maps & slideshows: Acquia Lightning provides out-of-the-box page building components for media (images, video), maps and slideshows on a Drupal site offering greater usability for your page or site builders.
  • Create one-off layouts for content: Acquia Lightning now supports “one-off” page layouts for more flexible site building, making it easier for your site builders to create custom pages with unique layouts, such as a landing page or article page.
  • Added the ability to moderate content without visiting the edit page. Content editors can now use the moderation sidebar to review, approve, and publish content entirely from front end of their application.
  • Bundle optional configuration for comments. Lightning now ships with default configuration for comments, allowing site builders to quickly enable them in their application.
  • Improved out-of-the-box SEO by adding pathauto. All content now has automatically-generated, human-readable URLs. The preset URL patterns can be easily overridden by site builders.
  • Added a content moderation dashboard. Content editors and authors now have a beautiful and customizable dashboard listing content needing review, drafts they’re working on, and other activity on the site.
  • Extended security coverage for Acquia Lightning. Lightning has adopted the same extended security support policy as Drupal core (as of Drupal 8.6), providing support back to the last minor release of Drupal 8 core. This new policy effectively gives site owners up to one year of security coverage.
  • Ability to create non-reusable custom blocks. Improved the performance of page layout building and the overall site management experience by allowing content editors to create inline blocks that are not stored as part of the global block collection.
  • Improved the experience of installing sites from existing configuration. The Lightning install profile is now compatible with Drupal core’s config installer, improving the developer and site builder experience, particularly during site installation and setup, and especially for multisite applications.
  • Improved testing of Drupal core by converting most application tests to PHPUnit and adding Nightwatch for JavaScript testing as part of Drupal 8.6 enhancements. In order to create a better developer experience, and assure long-term sustainability of Drupal and Lightning, most tests have been moved to modern testing frameworks.
  • Improved the experience of configuring decoupled applications via JSON API with OAuth and OpenAPI. Lightning now makes it fast and easy to setup a decoupled application with authentication, authorization, and great documentation.

Acquia Cloud and Acquia Cloud Site Factory

  • Stack Metrics insights: Acquia Cloud’s Stack Metrics feature allows operators to visualize the health and performance of their site around areas like application performance, CPU and memory usage, the database, and more.
  • Acquia insight: Re-released with support for multi-site deployments provides customers a dashboard of performance, security, and search engine optimization to help monitor and optimize applications after they have been deployed with tools to help developers and site owners optimize for performance.
  • Large Size CDE for Acquia Cloud CD: We expanded our Acquia Cloud Continuous Development product to include larger size CD Environments which are intended to provide greater capability in order to build applications and iterate more quickly.  
  • Upgrade the Acquia Fleet: New projects being created for existing customers that require new hardware will be deployed on Gen 3 AWS instances. New instance types give customers the advantage of EBS volume encryption, VPC and security groups are also included.
  • Image
    Support for more than one version of Node.js runtimes: We expanded our support of Node.js on Acquia Cloud to include Node.js version 8, giving customers greater flexibility for their front-end architecture.
  • Single site staging for Acquia Cloud Site Factory: Acquia Cloud Site Factory customers have the ability to stage sites on an individual level to their non-production environments. The ability to stage sites independently of others allows developers to work alongside each other or on different projects without stepping on each other’s toes. This translates into faster development and testing in non-production development environments.
  • PCI compliance for Node.js Stack: Acquia’s Node.js service is verified PCI compliant. Acquia Cloud customers with commerce use cases can leverage JavaScript frameworks for frontend design with the assurance of PCI compliance.
  • BigPipe for Drupal 8 customers: Take advantage of BigPipe in Drupal 8 on Acquia Cloud, using the page rendering technique pioneered by Facebook and LinkedIn. Design pages render the most important content to your customer first, increasing engagement and reducing visitor’s wait time.   
  • Acquia Cloud Edge workers: We’ve added a new feature to our Acquia Cloud Edge CDN that allows for customization of your CDN at the edge of the network for improved security and performance. Custom security rules and filtering logic at the edge helps detect malicious bots and prevents them from consuming resources while improving cache hit rate.
  • Log forwarding: With log forwarding, you can securely forward logs to your organization's SIEM system or log repository, allowing for self-service management and easier auditing of logs and activity.
  • Log streaming: Log streaming lets you get really specific and look at individual events that are happening when visitors interact with the site. You can search and filter to zero in on specific events to understand how the site is responding.

Acquia DAM

  • Improved asset synchronization between DAM and Drupal: We’ve made improvements for assets synchronized between Acquia DAM and Drupal for custom metadata, expiration behavior, increased scalability -- providing a more real-time, full-featured experience for our customers.
  • Support for the latest version of Drupal 8.5: Acquia DAM now supports the latest version of Drupal 8.5, ensuring Acquia DAM D8 connector works with the newest release of Drupal and distributions for our customers.  
  • Drupal and distribution compatibility: Acquia DAM now supports the newest version of Drupal 8.6, ensuring Acquia DAM works with the latest release of Drupal and distributions.
  • New dynamic templates: Designers, marketers and content owners can create easy-to-edit templates for end users to modify templates in a controlled way. This update lets designers use their time more efficiently, empowering non-designers to make their own simple changes to PDFs & images.  
  • Usage reports of assets in Drupal: We’ve released a new capability that lets an administrator of Acquia DAM to see which assets and where within Drupal they are being used to save our customers time in having to manually find and track where digital assets are being used within Drupal.
  • Task view in Brand Connect (portal): Now general users of the Brand Connect portal can see the status of tasks requests at any time without having to ask someone in marketing.
  • New 1600px image renditions in Drupal: More flexibility for web content authors in how they want to display images by supporting current industry standards.

Acquia Journey

  • New Graph Templates: Acquia Journey added a number of custom graph templates for particular connection and useful functions that tend to be reused. These are graphs, schema and public variables which can be used and combined together to build more complex graphs. These help technical people build journeys faster by giving them pre-built logic.
  • File connector for files stored in AWS S3: Acquia Journey connects to AWS S3 to read, write and orchestrate experiences based on data files in S3. Certain martech systems have file-based integrations and use S3, but they don’t have the ability to expose data via API. Journey already has ability to connect to REST API services, message queues, databases and email services.
  • Improved search and filtering of data schemas: We made a usability enhancement to make it easier for technical users to search, filter and link together data schemas in the Acquia Journey UI as they create journeys,
  • Acquia Journey Hub UI update: We’ve made some improvements to parts of the Acquia Journey user interface (UI), including a new header navigation and design for certain pages. These UI updates make the work space more intuitive and easier for your users to navigate and manage projects at scale.

Acquia Lift

  • User creation via API: Customers can create new users in a command line interface, rather than going into Profile Manager. As an API friendly solution, we are enabling our customers to work how they want, and continuing to build a more unified UX.  
  • Updated Custom Reporting Capabilities: Customers can now maintain custom reports and dashboards with visualizations, edit them as business needs evolve, and share them via permanent links with anyone who has access to Acquia Lift.  
  • Machine-learning similarity content recommendations: We enhanced our content recommendations with new machine learning capabilities to automate content recommendations. This makes it easier and more efficient for marketers to personalize content for their audiences so they can see content similar to what they are currently viewing or have viewed in the past.  
  • Automatic bot traffic removal: To make the most actionable decisions, reporting confidence is critical. We added a new capability in Acquia Lift to filter out bot traffic to improve data accuracy and increase reporting confidence.
  • Improved geolocation accuracy: Geolocation is one of the most common use cases for personalization. We’ve increased the accuracy of our service, notably in EMEA and APJ, to better support our growing global customer base.
  • Consolidating Profile Manager reports: Acquia Lift provides a variety of pre-built reports for our customers’ use cases in Acquia Lift Profile Manager. To ensure we’re providing the most meaningful reports, we’ve consolidated the number of reports to focus on the most important, relevant and highly used scenarios for our customers.

We continue to make investments in our products throughout the year. To stay updated on new product capabilities, register and tune in for our next Acquia Platform update webinar.

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