John Mandile
Managing Director Sigma Partners

John Mandile

John joined Sigma in 1996. With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, a business unit manager and an investor, John uses motivation, enthusiasm and his own technology and operational expertise to support Sigma’s portfolio companies. Throughout his career, he has held executive management positions, created new business units and departments and sponsored new projects at some of the industry’s most successful technology companies.

Prior to Sigma, John was the President and CEO of Vermeer Technologies, Inc., the developers of FrontPage, the leading web authoring tool. Vermeer was acquired by Microsoft, providing Sigma and the other venture investors a very successful return. Previously, he was an early principal at SQL Solutions, where he created and led an engineering organisation chartered to build heterogeneous database tools. Following an acquisition of SQL Solutions by Sybase, he took responsibility for the new Systems Management Product unit, which he grew to $55 million in sales in 30 months. Early in his career, John was recruited to Honeywell, where he worked on a variety of engineering projects in the areas of communications, operating systems and unix co-processor design.

John is a graduate of Tufts (BSE in Engineering Science and Mathematics) and Worcester Polytechnic University (MS in Computer Science).