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John Graham

Technical Account Manager
Acquia, Inc.

John Graham started working with web design in the winter of 2003, building small projects and website templates for himself and others as a hobby. He pursued various other careers over the next few years but never quite found the right fit. In 2011, he made a drastic career shift to take the opportunity to become a Drupal developer for a small startup in southern California. Within a month, John knew he had found his place in the world, and he has been working to expand and grow his knowledge of Drupal and web development since. He worked with various teams before joining Acquia, most recently with Newport Beach, CA based development firm Landing. When the opportunity to work for Acquia presented itself, John knew he had to take it, and he is excited to tackle the unique thrills and challenges that come from working with the best projects and talent in the Drupal community.