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Erica Schroder

Acquia, Inc.

As an Engineer at Acquia, I am part of the acquia.com website team. I work closely with marketing and design to bring their hopes and dreams to life on the web. Our website is a living organism, constantly growing, changing and adapting to the needs of a changing market; this in turn requires diligent care, maintenance and refreshes of look and feel. In addition to my daily work on acquia.com, I am the lead developer for www.digitaldisruption.com, www.digitalalliance.acquia.com and www.partneroftheyear.drupalgardens.com. I also provide front end support for www.training.acquia.com. My work is primarily front-end, writing HTML, CSS, and JS as well as configuring Drupal settings, and managing modules. Making sites responsive is my jam; some of my favorite projects have included full-width responsive slideshow banner, incorporating "flip" into the team page, building www.digitaldisruption.com and overhauling the blog section of acquia.com.

Outside of Acquia, I am an active member of two Boston-based contemporary dance companies with which I perform regularly. I am a veteran dance instructor going into my 19th year of teaching and I have two dogs, Comet and Stella.

Recent blog posts

Posted on Monday, May 19, 2014 - 13:41
As a front-end developer for acquia.com, I've had lots of fun and challenging design requests come my way. Most recently I was tasked with swapping out the static homepage graphic with a full-width, responsive slideshow banner that can also be More...