Darrin Samaha

Partner, Director of Client Services
Blue Coda

Darrin is the founder of Blue Coda and has been responsible for the company's growth since 2002. Under his leadership, he has overseen the creation and implementation of the firm's boutique consulting and creative practices. He also launched and manages Blue Coda's business development and marketing teams, helping to drive the firm's recognized expertise in higher education, associations, non-profits, life sciences, and professional services.

Blue Coda's next phase involves helping our clients take advantage of the next generation of open source web experience management tools to drive customer engagement and insight.

Specialties:10 years digital marketing and web development experience. User interface design and development, open source CMS experience, SEO/SEM, interactive media development, business development and sales management.

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Posted on Monday, February 3, 2014 - 15:12
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