Where Does Acquia Fit in the Landscape of CMS Vendors? [July 30, 2015]

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Interview with Acquia's Tom Wentworth

Where Does Acquia Fit in the Landscape of CMS Vendors?

We describe ourselves as the digital experience company. We help our customers unify content, community and commerce, meaning their traditional .com website, their commerce site, and their social community site, on our Acquia platform. And we harness the open-source product Drupal as the underlying technology behind our platform.

What is digital experience management and how universal a term is it?

The generally accepted category that we all compete in is Web Content Management. It’s not sexy, but when I see RFPs, or when Sitecore and Adobe see RFPs, the majority of them are still using the phrase web content management.

I think vendors and some analysts like Forrester have jumped on the term digital experience because the word “web” implies one channel, when in reality it is a website, a mobile device, a screen, all these digital touchpoints. The term is trying to capture that it’s multi-channel. And it’s really a recognition that “web content management” is actually wrong. It’s not just about web, it’s about every digital touchpoint. It’s not about content—content can be lots of things. And it’s not about management, because we’re all trying to figure out how to get better value out of our content, so the word “management” isn’t really capturing that either.

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