POV: Why You Should Start Working in Drupal 8 Today [August 20, 2015]

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Thursday, August 20, 2015
Website Magazine

By Michael E Meyers

If your websites are sitting comfortably on Drupal 7, you may not be considering a migration to Drupal 8 or adopting Drupal 8 for your next project. Drupal 7 is mature, stable and well-supported framework; why disrupt your work and team with a new version?

Truth is, if you’re not planning for and learning about Drupal 8, you’re already falling behind.

Migrations and Web projects take time and investment, but there are many advantages to being early in the development cycle that make the potential risks and short-term pain worth the trouble.
I was brought on as CTO at Examiner.com in 2009 when the company sought to get out from under legacy systems that were slowing growth down. We faced a big question for our Web project: adopt a stable but mature technology in Drupal 6, or take a bold leap and implement the yet-to-be-released Drupal 7?

Ultimately, we chose to be bold, and here’s why you should too.

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