Personalization: Give Your Customers a Choice [July 27, 2015]

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Monday, July 27, 2015

By Tom Wentworth

By now, the value of personalization should be clear. Customers have so many choices online — to shop, to read articles, to watch videos and more. A brand or publisher that wants to grab their attention must quickly serve the most relevant, useful information. The tough part is figuring out exactly what that relevant, useful information is.

We’ve covered a few ways to discover what customers really want: build better customer profiles, and consider the experience's context (e.g., time of day, type of device, etc.).

Down with Static Profiles
Building better customer profiles is essential. And this building process never ends. Customer profiles must continuously grow and evolve over time, learning from each interaction the customer has with you. To get the most complete view of the customer, pull in data from different marketing tools and digital sources. A solid profile that notes each interaction can help you convert anonymous site visitors (which account for more than 95 percent of traffic to your site) to known users as soon as they do something identifiable, like sign up for your company newsletter.

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