Moving onto Acquia Drupal

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Thursday, November 23, 2017
CMS Report

Last year I was one of the beta testers for Acquia's Drupal distribution and the Acquia Network. I was evaluating Acquia's products and services for a potential intranet project at work. For this particular project, unfortunately, it looks as if Acquia or Drupal wasn't the right solution. Our regional folks wanted a solution similar to Microsoft's Sharepoint that is more integrated with Microsoft Office and heavily featured in document management. That's alright though because there are a number of smaller intranet projects at work where Drupal is the perfect solution and a lot of progress is being made in that direction.

Over the weekend, I decided to move CMS Report from Drupal 6 to Acquia Drupal. In December, I received a message that beta testers would be rolled over into "a Community subscription entitlement that extends through December 31st, 2009". Placing the Acquia subscription onto not only will allow the site to receive the benefits of being on Acquia's network, but will also allow me to monitor the evolution of Acquia. Acquia is still a young company and likely will continue to expand on the products and services it offers.