Gigya and Drupal to make social media integration easy for site owners

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Monday, November 20, 2017
Social Media Portal

Gigya and Acquia unveil Socialize for sites using Drupal’s CMS

Website owners to integrate with social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace with Gigya Socialize Drupal module

Social technology company Gigya has teamed up with content management system (CMS) provider Drupal to provide social plug-ins for Drupal powered websites.

Gigya has unveiled ‘Socialize,’ a module developed in conjunction with Drupal’s social publishing system Acquia. Socialize enables site owners socialise their websites through major social networking tools including Facebook Connect, MySpaceID, Twitter and OpenID providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail. According to Gigya, sites that have enabled Socialize have seen site registrations increase by more than 30 per cent.