The Daily Startup: Acquia Funded for Expansion of Content-Management Technology [Nov 29, 2012]

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Thursday, November 29, 2012
Wall Street Journal

Acquia, a company commercializing Drupal, has raised another $30 million in funding and aims to ride the open-source technology to an IPO, according to Acquia Chief Executive Tom Erickson. More than 1.5 million websites, including, run on Drupal, an interactive software platform used for content management and e-commerce. Acquia’s Series E round was led by Investor Growth Capital.

A $900 million deal Selecta Biosciences has formed with Sanofi could result in therapies that ease the fears of people with severe allergies to substances found in foods or in the air. Selecta and Sanofi said they will research treatments that teach the immune system to ignore triggers that cause serious allergic reactions. Using Selecta’s nanotechnology capabilities, Sanofi will develop an immunotherapy designed to curb immune responses to an undisclosed, life-threatening food allergen.

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