Is the CMS a Difference Maker for Publishers?

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Like the "who are you wearing?" question tossed about at various Hollywood award shows, a good content management software is the new must-have accessory in the in online publishing world.

Inspired by content-powerhouse The Huffington Post and other Web native publishers that have championed speed, slick design and heavy story volume, and are infused with social media, a slew of traditional publishers are embracing CMS as powerful differentiator in a competitive marketplace.

“There are a few trends happening,” said Bryan House, vp, Acquia, a company that helps publishers work with the increasingly popular Drupal CMS. “People went to the Web initially with the same editorial work flow in mind. Particularly traditional publishers. They had editorial processes with six or seven step workflows, and they were very content driven. They weren’t thinking about engagement.”

“Now,” continued House, “They are seeing the TechCrunches of the world with commentary and social interaction baked in, and that is what is driving page views and advertising. So you are seeing this big migration away from [older CMS platforms]. They are realizing they are in the business of social publishing.”