Acquia's Carbon has Launched in Private Beta

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Friday, July 28, 2017
CMS Wire

Acquia, the commercialization entity that resulted from the Drupal project, has finally released a private beta of Carbon — its commercial Drupal distribution. They’ve only been talking about the project since the end of April.

Acquia serves as a commercial backbone for supporting clients and businesses who want to utilize the open source project, and it appears that the company is making good on its goal.

Any person who has used Drupal could probably tell the story about how when he or she first saw the project. It looked very complex. It probably was a complex thing to grasp how it worked.

Furthermore, anyone coming from the likes of WordPress would likely be put into a seizure with all the stuff Drupal has going for it. Although, after getting past the initial shell-shock, users tend to quickly realize how vast and impressive the Drupal project really is—the power, the customization and the reliability are all tucked away in a light-weight modular package.