Acquia Drupal Stack (DAMP) Installer Gets Multisite Support

Submitted on
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
CMS Wire

When Acquia came out with the Drupal Stack (DAMP) Installer, many new users likely got very excited. You can use this installer to download and install everything you need to get a Drupal web content management environment up and running with a single click on a Mac or Windows system. But while it was a good way to get Drupal up and running quickly, it didn't have everything you may have wanted.

Acquia asked the community what new features they would like to see with the DAMP Installer and the community responded — multisite support. Acquia, of course, obliged.

Most Requested Feature

According to the results of a survey Acquia put out, the most requested feature for the DAMP Installer was to be able to set up multiple virtual hosts for multiple Drupal websites.

Once you have your Drupal environment up and running, you can create and configure new websites by simply clicking New in the Settings…Sites Tab.