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Acquia Network

The support we have received from Acquia has been very good, fast, and efficient. They are always adding new services and tools, so what you purchase is not static and continues to grow in value. With only three people running our web technology department, Acquia has enabled us to accomplish a lot more with Drupal than would have otherwise been possible.

Solving the Top 5 Drupal Performance Issues

Join Acquia and New Relic for this upcoming webinar where we'll discuss how to use the tools provided in the Acquia Network to identify and avoid the top 5 Drupal performance issues. Darin Swanson, Senior Manager of New Relic's Agent Team will share detailed guidance on issues like N+1 Queries, Slow SQL performance, Insufficient System Resources, Web Service Domino Effect, and Repetitive World Syndrome or cache as cache can. Attendees will learn how to:

  • gain visibility on site performance
  • improve scalability and uptime
  • find and fix key bottlenecks

Gaining Insight: It began with a port...

After I joined Acquia in January, I was given the task of assisting in the port of the Acquia.com/Acquia Network web properties to Drupal 7. Although other people were involved in the process, including Jakub Suchy and his team, there was a lot that needed to be ported. One such item was the Acquia Network Connector module, which links a website to the Acquia Network and passes website data after it validates its keys.

Acquia Ads New Components to the Acquia Network for Drupal Users [Dec 1, 2011]

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Thursday, December 1, 2011
the app gap

I have covered Acquia several times on this blog (for example, see Acquia Provides Drupal Commons to Support Open Source Enterprise Collaboration and Acquia Grows with Drupal and Introduces Drupal Gardens). It provides support, services, and enhancements to make your Drupal experience more productive. Recently, I spoke with Bryan House, VP of Marketing, about their latest moves.

Volacci Introduces SEO Grader -- Internet Marketing Review Optimized for the Drupal CMS [8/24/2011]

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Volacci SEO Grader is part of the latest enhancements to the Acquia Network, which provides developers and site builders an unparalleled collection of answers, tools, and support for assembling extraordinary web experiences with Drupal.