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Drupal Training from Acquia

Acquia has long planned on offering Drupal learning services. While it has taken longer than we had hoped to mold our ideas, I’m very excited to share our plans just prior to the largest Drupalcon in history! The accelerating growth of Drupal has fueled a huge demand for knowledgeable designers and developers. The inability to educate new resources could soon hamper the pace of Drupal’s growth.

Don't Jive Me

The market for business oriented social software solutions is exploding, for good reason. Organizations are learning that their employees, customers and business partners collaborate more effectively in the web 2.0, interactive web world.

Are The CMS Wars About To Heat Up?

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I had the chance to meet with Drupal CMS creator Dries Buytaert at the SXSW conference last week. After the chat with Buytaert, I started to wonder if a CMS war is on the horizon.

The Next Wave Of SaaS

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The distributed, open-source SaaS model will expand the range of available software.

Right now if you think about the way software-as-a-service is delivered, Salesforce.com, NetSuite and Google are the most commonly cited examples. All these companies deliver their software using what is known as the multitenant model. Just as multitenant software knocked on-premise vendors for a loop, new distributed, open-source models for delivery of SaaS software will have a powerful impact.

Enterprise social communities and Drupal

Jay just posted a blog post, called Building enterprise social communities with Drupal, sharing a white paper that we have written at Acquia. In this white paper, we answer questions like: what kind of social features Drupal supplies, why Drupal is the best choice for building a social site, what Drupal modules are useful when building a social site, and some examples of successful enterprise Drupal communities.

Druplipet, a Drupal chia pet

And the answer to yesterday's "Eye grow Drupal" question is: Druplipets. Hundreds of cute little Druplipets, your friendly Druplicon chia pet. Druplipet is the newest member of the Acquia and Drupal Gardens family and will be making appearances at industry events this year.

Eye grow Drupal

Eye grow drupal
Eye grow drupal

Guess what is in these boxes?

Nashville Drupal Camp

The camp will be held March 13th, 2010 at the Owen School of Business from 8am to 5pm.

The camp will be held using the traditional BarCamp model of posting sessions the day of the event. We will possibly have the ability for users to post sessions in advance here on the website in the next few days.

Please visit the following page to register

Open Source in the Enterprise and in the Cloud

In a couple of weeks, I'll participate in a panel discussion on The Future of Open Source in Business. In preparation for that discussion, I figured I'd write down my current thoughts and solicit some feedback. I'll talk about two important trends relevant for the future of Open Source, but there are certainly more.

Acquia tries to mainstream Drupal with Drupal Gardens

Submitted on
Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Fierce Content Management

Acquia announced recently they were releasing a new tool called Drupal Gardens that makes it easier to create websites using the popular open source Drupal platform. In a recent blog post Acquia VP of Marketing, Lynne Capozzi wrote about how, rightly or wrongly, some people are intimidated by the idea of building a website using a tool like Drupal.

It's great for the power users who can build an understanding of how site building in Drupal works, but Drupal Gardens puts this in the hands of less technical end users. It provides an easy path to creating the site, then choosing a theme (either provided or one you create on your own), color schemes, fonts and so forth.