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11-50 employees

CityIT Solutions Private Limited

CityIT Solutions is a young, dynamic company located in Pune, INDIA specializes in Drupal Module and Theme development.
We are actively using Drupal from about 7 years and have built variety of websites using Drupal 5, 6 & 7.


Reconnix is a UK technology services company specialising in providing Open Source Eco-systems, Digital Delivery, Cloud and Managed Hosting solutions to Public and Private sector Enterprises.

Our Professional, Development and 24/7 Managed Services are characterised by an inherent drive to manage operational complexity for commercial competitive advantage and service improvement. Taking a practical approach to real data and service challenges, we provide the customer with IT solutions that deliver against stringent targets


Founded in 1998, BarkleyREI is a nationally recognized, full-service digital marketing agency. Based in Pittsburgh, BarkleyREI offers a full range of interactive design and development and digital marketing services, including but not limited to strategy development, website design and development, content and data management services, analytics and reporting, site optimization, digital media planning, search marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, among others.


Domain7 is a team of solution-finders, storytellers, designers and developers, who combine curiosity, imagination, tech-savvy and good old street smarts to make the web a better place for our clients and their clients. We put real human needs at the heart of everything we do—we call it “humanizing the web.”

Humanize the Web is more than just a catchy tagline—it’s a rally cry that infiltrates every aspect of our work. Any time we make a decision for our clients or ourselves, we ask: does it help them be more authentic, more effective or more awesome?

Creo Interactive

Creo is a full service Cardiff digital design and development agency.

At Creo we listen and advise, we'll convert your ideas and create a truly exceptional solution to your brief that is unique to your business. Whatever your requirements, websites, mobile apps, social media strategies or custom online applications our approach is simple; we design bespoke, customer–focused solutions.


Why FuMo? -- FuMo acts like a film company, not an agency.

FuMo rejects fixed agency teams. We hand-pick star teams to deliver success on each and every project. It’s just like film producers hiring the right stars and the perfect crew to bring a script to life.

The FuMo talent database contains over 3,000 gifted creative specialists. We select and direct the perfect team to handle strategy, concept development, design, development and production. Where appropriate, we supplement our talent pool with global creative crowd-sourcing.

Aten Design Group, Inc.

Aten Design Group is a digital agency that provide web strategy, design and development for organizations doing good work all around the world.

White Rhino


White Rhino is a strategic marketing group that creates B2Me connections between people and brands in the healthcare and B2B spaces.


In an era of information overload, the sheer number of marketing communications has skyrocketed. Each one louder than the next in an attempt to be heard. No one likes to be interrupted. And yet that’s what traditional marketing does.

NectarGlobe Technology Solutions

NectarGlobe Technology Solutions is consulting, services and outsourcing company. NectarGlobe Technology Solutions offer tailored solutions to clients. We are specialists in systems-integration around document and content management. We aim to provide end-to-end IT and business services that facilitate the ongoing evolution of our client businesses spread across the globe.

Gen Transnational

Gen Transnational is a general consultancy firm and a leading provider of professional services including information communication technology, software technology, educational technology services, sport management, real estate, mass media, investment facilitation and financing, outsourcing, training and development, event organizing, security and safety, distributorship, marketing, resource and research administration and management consulting services.