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Drupal Gardens Integrates Superior Webform Builder for Online Surveys

Acquia Extends OpenSaaS Website Platform to Include Custom Survey Creation Tools for Marketers and Site Owners

Woburn, MA – December 29, 2010 – Acquia, the leader in Drupal for the enterprise, announced today the addition of custom webforms in their world-class Software-as-a-Service website platform, Drupal Gardens. Drupal Gardens offers designers, site builders and content owners the ability to quickly design and build interactive, social publishing microsites directly in a browser, with no software to install or servers to manage.

Drupal Gardens adds custom surveys, forms and questionnaires

Lately the Drupal Gardens team has been busy adding several highly-requested mega-features.  A mega-feature is a feature so large, some companies build entire products based on that feature.  Webforms is the most recent mega-feature we have added.  Since mega-features can be complicated, we invested hundreds of design hours and thousands of engineering hours to make webforms easy-to-use.