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Why Are Companies Still Using Legacy CMS Products like TeamSite & Vignette?

One of the favorite parts of my job is helping Acquia's sales team in competitive web content management replacement opportunities.

I believe the traditional enterprise software model is broken. The antiquated idea of buying an expensive software license is being destroyed by open source and SaaS business models, which align the needs of the buyer and vendor. But I remain astounded by the number of companies who are still using legacy web content management products, in particular, HP/Autonomy/Interwoven TeamSite and OpenText Vignette.


Dead men walking or walking dead? Enterprise CMS vendors must adapt or die [Oct 24, 2011]

Submitted on
Monday, October 24, 2011
CMS Wire

Legacy CMS vendors, like OpenText/Vignette and Autonomy/Interwoven, are experiencing the effects of a disruption of their marketplace. As a result, many organizations are flocking to open source. CMS Wire says that "Acquia seems to understand the current trend to push this out of the hands and heads of the overburdened IT operations shops and into the cloud at large."

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