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How to Install, Use, and Customize Drush

Drush is a command line tool for interacting with your Drupal site.  With it, you can perform tasks quickly, write scripts to automated repetitive actions and administer sites on remote servers.  No Drupal developer worth their salt is working without Drush, and if you aren't, or you're not sure how to use it, this tutorial is for you.  Here's an example of some of the things you can do with drush:


Acquia and Lullabot Announce Drupalize.Me Drupal Training via the Acquia Network [Aug 24, 2011]

LONDON--(Marketwire - Aug 24, 2011) - DrupalCon London 2011 -- Acquia, the enterprise guide to Drupal, and Lullabot, a leading Drupal strategy, training and development company, announced today that Lullabot's Drupalize.Me training is now available through Acquia Network.

Acquia Drupal Training in India

This is a time of great global growth in the Acquia & Drupal training world.

As Director of Learning Services, I get to work with Acquia partners around the world on the shared goal of training more Drupal developers, designers and users. On this, the eve of the London DrupalCon, where I'll be meeting some of our European partners face to face, I am pleased to share that our training efforts are reaching even further than Europe.

Acquia Drupal Courses in Boston

As one of the first things I'm doing as the new Director of Learning Services at Acquia, I'm proud to announce some (close to) FREE Drupal courses in Boston!

We'll will be holding two 2-day workshops in Boston (still nailing down exact location - check back for an update on that front).

Learning Drupal: Back to basics

a picture of some cool pipes by tinou from flickr's creative commons by attribution listings

Drupal is powerful, it's undeniable. What's worrying is that you can get pretty far without understanding much about web development. This poses some challenges for novice web developers.

By simply installing the Acquia Dev Desktop you can quickly mock up a great new site with a dizzying array of features which would take you probably thousands of hours to code by hand. That is also not counting the years it would take you to build the relevant developer skills. The Dev Desktop includes a web server, scripts, database software, libraries - and all the components of Drupal itself wrapped into a nice little control panel package.

And that is the cool (also scary!) thing about Drupal, you can really hit the ground running if you're brand new to web development. What you want to avoid is hitting the ground with your face.

Recently, I received a question from a new Drupal user.

I am able to access my website from my computer Acquia Drupal Control Panel at localhost:8082 How do I pull my domain name example.com to localhost:8082 so the public can access? Also I would like to build multiple Drupal websites with different domain names. How do I accomplish this goal using Acquia Dev Desktop?

I've seen similar questions before. This person is a novice in web development and possibly just starting on a new career. While they have created a possibly magical and amazing website with Drupal, they are stuck because they don't know how to get it online. Or later, after they do get a host, they don't know how to maintain and update the site.

What do you need to know first?

When I get asked questions like this from novice, I am taken aback. So... where should we start? Even if you use the web everyday, no one expects you to understand how it works. I relate this to my knowledge of plumbing. OK, I can turn on the faucet, but I haven't got a clue of how that water gets from the reservoir.

However, as a novice web developer you need to start understanding the plumbing of the web as well. There are so many great resources about learning Drupal which jump right into using it as an end product, and don't carefully explain that underlying plumbing.

I made this short video to explain some of the concepts underlying Drupal to a novice developer. Sorry about the sound in the beginning, it gets a bit better. Before you watch this one, you might also want to check out this quick video from Doug Vann about How the Web Works.

Upgrading Drupal 6 to 7 - training at DrupalCon

Do you have a site which is 2 years old, and you’re not sure if your site is ready to upgrade? We can help. Our team will deliver a course on upgrading Drupal, the day before DrupalCon. In the day long course, you’ll get expert advice and feedback from Jacob Singh (Engineer), Joshua Brauer (Client Advisor), and Erik Webb (Technical Advisor) from Acquia on Upgrading Drupal. You can learn about what's new in Drupal 7 and how it will affect your site upgrade.

You can sign up for training when you buy your DrupalCon pass. If you've already purchased your conference pass, you can log into Regonline, and amend your registration to add a course.

You can register for our webinar about this course: Thursday, February 3, 2011 - 1:00 PM EST

Upgrading Drupal

The standard 14 step instructions outlined in UPGRADE.txt for Drupal 6 are simple to follow. Many of the steps are common sense; update contributed modules; back up your site; test restoring from backup; verify and test your new upgrade...

Yet each Drupal site is unique with many contributed modules and modifications which make the process more complex. Our PS team reports that larger sites have on average 80-100 projects installed on their sites. Before a major upgrade, each one of those must be updated to the latest 6 compatible version. But are all of those projects on your site ready with a Drupal 7 upgrade path?

Introductory Drupal Training - Austin, Texas

Join LevelTen for Introductory Drupal Training in Austin in From January 19th-January 28th, 2011. This week and a half long training is suitable both for those who are brand new to Drupal- or with some experience in Drupal looking to expand their skills in development of both themes and modules.

You can take part in the entire week, or choose which events suit your needs best. See each course description for details.

Training by:

LevelTen Interactive

Cool Ninja SEO tricks on the Drupal Dojo

Yesterday, I listened as Tom gave a quick introduction of the suite of modules maintained by LevelTen. I left like I was watching some mad ninja SEO tricks. I got educated!