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Introducing Acquia Analytics and Lingotek Translation for Drupal Commons

We are pleased to introduce our latest release, Drupal Commons 3.5. This major release is focused on two key areas for offering a more comprehensive, integrated community to extend your reach across language barriers and track and optimize your community members and content:

1. Acquia Analytics: Add real time member tracking and analysis to your community to gain deeper insights into what’s happening, what’s working, what isn’t inside your community.

Trust is the Key to Social Collaboration

I just finished reading Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, and it got me thinking about the social collaboration efforts I have worked on the past couple of years. Though the book has an external focus in regards to how social networking is forcing companies to be more transparent with its customers, I think the same principles apply to the collaboration between colleagues within a company.

Delivering Drupal to the Enterprise #drupalcon [March 23, 2012]

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Friday, March 23, 2012
CMS Wire

At DrupalCon in Denver, DPCI, Achieve Internet and Blink Reaction were three of the vendors offering Drupal solutions for the enterprise.

Blink Reaction

Blink Reaction is an enterprise Drupal development company and an Elite Acquia Enterprise Select Partner. Blink Reaction's services include integrating Drupal with third-party applications, such as CRM, Alfresco Enterprise Content Management and Salesforce. In this expo floor video, Ray Saltini, Drupal Evangelist at Blink Reaction, explains how his company fits into DrupalCon.

Achieve Internet

Achieve Internet has built enterprise Drupal websites for big-name clients, including NBC Universal, Disney and Fast Company. In this video, Ron Huber, CEO of Achieve Internet, explains why DrupalCon is a good fit for his company.


Joseph Bachana, President and Founder of DPCI, a content and DAM solutions provider, says that his company has a lot of experience in business challenges that need to be solved with digital asset management tools. I spoke with him at DrupalCon to find out more about the role Drupal plays in his company.

Bachana says that currently his company is working on refining the EMBridge module, which extends the image management functionalities of Drupal by connecting it to EnterMedia, an open source digital asset management platform.

He also has plans to integrate Drupal with Adobe's InDesign program and text editors, such as Microsoft Word and NeoOffice, which could be huge news for publishers. Imagine writing an article in your favorite text editor, which is connected to your Drupal site and with a few clicks the article is formatted with images out of your library and ready for the web. Then, a few clicks later, that same article is dumped into your InDesign template with a hi-res version of an image pulled from your digital asset management solution and ready to go to print.

Bachana admits that this is an ambitious project that could transform the way we publish across platforms. The challenge, he says, is scaling and getting partners who want to help out with the project. Frankly, I can't wait to see his vision become a reality, so check back for updates as his project progresses.

CompuCom-led executive forum identifies operational efficiency and cloud computing as top issues for CIOs in 2012 [Oct 27, 2011]

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Thursday, October 27, 2011
The Wall Street Journal

CompuCom Systems, Inc., the leading IT outsourcing specialist, hosted a three-day forum with 25 executives from IT organizations across vertical markets. Jay Batson, Acquia VP and Co-Founder, explored how social collaboration brings together businesses, partners, and clients, assists with recruiting, and facilitates ideation during a panel discussion at the event.

Mercedes-Benz gains market insights from community Web site [Oct. 3, 2011]

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Monday, October 3, 2011
KM World

TNS selected Acquia Commons to build "Stars Insight," a community website for Mercedes-Benz. Thomas Wachter, TNS senior consultant and automotive market research team leader, says, “Acquia Commons allowed us to quickly build this website while adhering to Mercedes’ strict brand guidelines and maintaining the flexibility needed to support TNS’ strategic requirements.”

3 Reasons We Love Acquia Commons for Problem Solving Online Communities [Sept. 27, 2011]

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Forum One discusses three key reasons they are using Acquia Commons to support problem solving communities in the public sector, plus some examples of Commons at work.

The Social PHD [8/10/11]

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Business Insider

Bryan House is featured in a powerful cast of experts that provide 9 sure fire ways to becoming a social business. [VIDEO]

Changing how we share information - 140 characters at a time

Social networking has changed the way we communicate, connect, and learn. It allows us to keep in touch with people with a level of regularity and intimacy that we would not have been able to, because time and space make it impossible.

Allowing individuals to gather and express themselves in a much more simple and immediate fashion, social media provides the capability to not only have the ability to share ideas and opinions, but also (if they wish) gain notoriety, and expand their influence.

An island or an archipelago?

Is your social business software a point solution or an enterprise solution? An island or an archipelago?

Island or archipelago?

New Product News – June 23, 2011 [6/23/11]

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Acquia introduced Commons 2.0, the next generation of its open social business software solution. The new version features enhanced flexibility to choose social interaction style for a community site, cloud installation and configuration within weeks, and enhanced control over designs, features and templates.