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open architecture

Drupal is feitelijk dat geworden voor webportals wat Eclipse is voor applicatieontwikkeling, en heeft daarom het potentieel om Microsofts Sharepoint of vergelijkbare commerciële portalapplicaties flinke concurrentie te bezorgen.

Was Drupal angeht, so hat es sich für Webportale zu dem entwickelt, was Eclipse für die Anwendungsentwicklung darstellt, und besitzt damit das Potential Microsofts Sharepoint oder ähnliche kommerzielle Portal Anwendungen auf diesem Gebiet erheblich herauszufordern.

I have a confession to make - after close to a decade covering XML, I have something of a new love ... and the name of that love is Drupal. Drupal's become one of those interesting hobbies that is rapidly becoming both a profession and a passion. It wasn't supposed to happen this way ...

As to Drupal, it has effectively become to web portals what Eclipse is to application development, and has the potential to significantly challenge Microsoft's Sharepoint or similar commercial portal applications in that space.