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Is it mouthwash or hand soap?

Last week in a restroom in New York city, I washed my hands inadvertently with mouthwash. It sounds silly, but it looked like the soap to me. The bathroom was so posh and the container it came in was deceptive: who expects to find mouthwash in a restroom? But, this wasn't a normal restroom.

I was at the Yale Club of NYC representing Drupal and Acquia, as well as trying to make the point that Drupal fits in the enterprise world.

Learn Drupal Theming & Module Development NYC

Join Acquia and Chapter Three for one of our upcoming Drupal Theming and/or Drupal Modules training in New York City.  These trainings were designed to help Drupal users to learn best practices and practical skills from Drupal experts: Jon Skulski & Jacob Redding, author of Beginning Drupal (Wrox, 2010). Attendees will participate in a combination of hands-on and practical exercises where they will develop the skills to build effective websites with Drupal.

Online Community Unconference East 2010

The Online Community Unconference East is a gathering of online community professionals - managers, developers, business people, tool providers, investors - to discuss experience and strategies in the development and growth of online communities. Those involved in online community development, and social software in general, share many common challenges: community management, tools, marketing, business models, and legal issues. As we have found with our past events, the best source of information on all of these challenges is other knowledgeable practitioners.