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Do It With Drupal

Build Websites With Drupal!

Study the techniques and technologies for building successful websites and online communities at the Do It With Drupal Seminar.

For three days in scenic New Orleans, attendees wil learn from some of this powerful free software's top developers, hear from community-building experts, examine successful Drupal sites, and meet other web professionals, developers, designers, and decision makers interested in expanding their Drupal knowledge.

Vote for Acquia @ Enterprise 2.0 Launch Pad

<p>Acquia is participating in another <a href="http://launchpad.enterprise2conf.com/">Launch Pad</a> event, this time for the <a href="http://www.enterprise2conf.com/">Enterprise 2.0 conference</a>. For this Launch Pad event, technology companies were asked to submit a one-minute video pitch to be voted on by the Enterprise 2.0 community. There will be multiple rounds, with four companies eventually on stage at the Enterprise 2.0 conference to present and demonstrate in front of a live audience.</p>

Acquia is Sitting on the Launch Pad at the web 2.0 Expo

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Thursday, December 18, 2014
CMS Wire

Not only does Dries Buytaert get selected as one the top young tech entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek, but one of his newest ventures — Acquia, has been chosen to launch their company at the Launch Pad - Venture Capital Edition during the web2.0 expo today in San Francisco.

According to the web2.0 website, many new Web 2.0 companies have to get past the scrutiny of many a venture capital firm. With this in mind, this year’s Launch Pad will not only give new startups the opportunity to launch their company, but it will also provide them with VC and audience real time feedback.

A very exciting opportunity indeed.

Drupalcon Szeged 2008

Drupalcon is the twice-yearly gathering of Drupalers to learn about, discuss and advance Drupal, and to network with other community members. Come to Szeged, Hungary for this event for August 27 to 30, 2008 and experience this thriving community in person yourself!

Acquia Presentations at Drupalcon Szeged


Web2Open is an "unconference"—where anyone with a Web 2.0 Expo badge can share knowledge and join in open discussions with the community at large in three different ways:

* Open-Grid Sessions: You simply schedule your topic, show up, and lead the discussion. These can be scheduled onsite.
* Pre-Scheduled Roundtables: Join an open conversation with a panel of community members scheduled in advance.

Infoworld OSBC

Come visit Acquia at Infoworld OSBC, the Open Source Business Conference.

The theme for OSBC this year is "Putting Open Source to Work". Presentations and panel discussions in OSBC's fifth year will explore how both traditional and non-traditional open source businesses are achieving benefits from platform flexibility and better performance to cost savings.

Enterprise 2.0 2008

Come see Acquia speakers and visit the Acquia booth at Enterprise 2.0 2008.

Watch our video and vote for Acquia to participate in the Enterprise 2.0 Launch Pad event.


Topics covered by the conference this year include:

* Social Networking in Business
* Social Networks as New Media
* Microblogging & Twitter