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Drupal 7 training in Europe - Spring 2013

View a complete list of Drupal 7 Training Events in Europe. Learning Site building, theming and module development. Locations include Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, France, Belgium and Austria.

Taking stock of what you know - May 2014 - Acquia Training Newsletter

In our monthly training newsletter I’ll present you with news and helpful links to Drupal tutorials. I keep on finding great tutorials I want to share, and tell you about all that’s going on with the training program. So please do Sign up to our training newsletter for notifications about webinars, freebies and tutorials.

Looking ahead - photo by heather james

Meet the YLE: Drupal at the Finnish national broadcaster

The Finnish national broadcasting company, YLE, must be one of the earliest institutional adopters of Drupal. They go all the way back to 2004 and Drupal 4.3! At the time, the YLE wanted community websites and commissioned Carl-Magnus Dumell, through the IT company he was working for at the time, to find a PHP-based product to launch their social web presence.


Is the European Commission Helping or Hindering Tech Entrepreneurs? [Jan 23, 2012]

Submitted on
Monday, January 23, 2012
Tech Week Europe

Techweek Europe asks Drupal inventor Dries Buytaert about his platform, its strong European following and his view on venture capitalism in the European Union.

Embracing the Big open-source Society [Nov 22, 2011]

Submitted on
Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A "big" and relatively debt-free society would be fostered by embracing open source, says Jim Shaw, General Manager Europe at Acquia.

Acquia Invades Europe as Drupal Comes Home

Submitted on
Sunday, December 21, 2014
CMS Wire

Drupal enterprise pushers Acquia make a big hire in Europe to spearhead the expansion of the company's footprint on the continent.

New Office, Old Home
Acquia is pushing open source CMS Drupal around the world to enterprises on the back of great growth in 2010. To do that they need boots on the ground and Jim Shaw is the man to lead the surge. The former Software AG and webMethods man is taking on the role of General Manager for Europe....


Acquia Hosting Now Available in EU

Acquia Hosting just got faster for our European users! Our customers asked for it and we can now deploy our high-availability, Drupal-tuned hosting stack in the EU. A closer web server means faster, more responsive web site.

Acquia's new EU data center markedly improves performance for European users. Compared to hosting in our US data center, we've measured network performance that's consistently three times faster with roundtrip times improving from over 100ms to 30-40ms. In the UK, they're even faster -- a 20ms roundtrip!

Acquia Expanding to Europe

Ever since Dries co-founded Acquia, having a commercial presence in Europe has been an oft discussed topic inside the company. We do have European customers today, and we have Europe based team members in our technical teams, but we have not had multi-language sales and support teams based in Europe.

That’s all about to change.


sosocon – 1st European Software Solutions Conference, a new conference for business managers and IT decision-makers, will take place from 30 November to 2 December 2010, in Hannover, Germany. The focus of the conference is on business processes and how to design them to meet the needs of the future using innovative software solutions and IT systems – even in times of crisis.

Expanding Acquia's Partner Program in Europe

2010 has been an inflection point for the Acquia partner program. We are doing more business than ever with partners, including case studies with Palantir.net, Blink Reaction, and IBM Global Services.